How to Treat Swollen Lips and Cold Sores

In order to treat any cold sores or swelling on the lips, the most important thing is to find the cause of the damage. Cold sores or swelling can be developed due to diseases, infections, allergies or even deficiencies in vital nutrients.

Sores and blisters on the mouth may be caused due to viral infection. In this case, it is important to consult your doctor to treat it. Allergic reactions to external factors like detergents, chemicals, cleansing materials, perfumes and medicines can be avoided by not using them at your home once you know what agents cause these adverse reactions. Lip care products and cosmetics may cause swelling or sores if they do not suit your skin. In this case, you can shift to an alternate brand that would suit you better. In the case of chronic lip swelling on a regular basis, try changing your mattresses, bed sheets, pillows or linens.

Allergic reactions to food can result in swollen lips. You should try and identify the ingredients that do not suit your body. Avoid consuming those food items so that you are not prone to the adverse reactions of these ingredients. Nutritional deficiencies of Vitamin B2 can cause swelling. Hence, it is vital to consume balanced food in order to get enough nourishment of vital nutrients on a daily basis.

Simple home remedies can bring down swelling. Try some of these in case you find your lips swollen or having sores.

• Excess dryness due to unfavourable climatic conditions can result in sores. If this is the case, you can apply lip balms containing moisturizers or having pain killing effects. You can also protect your lips with other gels and lip care cosmetics that act as sunscreen in case you are not allergic to these products.

• A cold compress pack filled with ice gives a lot of relief to the swollen area.

• Soak a soft towel in cold water and dab it on the swollen area for about half an hour thrice a day.

• In the case of cuts, dissolve a tbsp. of salt in warm water and dab the solution on the swollen area with cotton. You may still feel the burning but it would help a lot in healing the wound. Avoid warm water in case you do not observe cuts. This is because additional blood flow to the area may induce more swelling.

• Use bromelin or apply benadryl solution on your lip to reduce swelling.

• Massage the area directly with ice cubes for 10 minutes. In case you feel that it is hurting you too much, you should not continue the massage.

• Avoid licking your lips regularly if you feel it to be dry. This would only increase the damage further.

• Drinking water on a regular basis helps to keep you lips hydrated and moist and thus avoid swelling.

• Aloe Vera extract in the form of juice or gel every night before bed time can help in reducing the swelling.

• Dabbing warm water on the swollen area gently would help reduce intense swelling.

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