Causes and Cures of Skin Boils

Skin boils occur as a result of bacterial infection. Bacteria belonging to the group staphylococcus cause boils. Boils are nothing but red irritating and pus filled nodules. Boils start at the root of the hair follicles and may or may not spread to surrounding hair follicles. The worst part of the boils is that apart from severe pain, some extent of discharge is seen when the boils get matured. In more severe cases fever may also accompany. Let’s see the causes for boils and various ways to cure them.


Boils are caused due to bacterial infection. Staphylococcus bacteria invade the hair follicles and colonize there. However, conditions like excessive sweating and poor hygiene promote the growth of bacteria. Another factor that makes a person susceptible to boils is high concentration of toxins in the blood.

Bacterial infections generally occur if a person is having a poor immune system, which in turn is due to poor nutrition. Diseased conditions like dermatitis, diabetes, anemia and acne increase the risk of boils.

Cure for Skin Boils

The initial size of the boils is very small. But in a time of two weeks they grow in to highly painful pus-filled large sized nodules. After the growth period is complete the nodule is said to be mature, and now it starts to ooze the accumulated pus. It is essential to clean the skin properly to avoid spreading to other areas of the body. Once the boils have completely oozed out they have to be gently treated to cure them in a very short time. Use of antibiotics targeting the bacterium helps to gain control over the problem.

Boils are not very dangerous and use of homemade recipes can cure boils. Here is a list of natural products that help to fight against boils.

• Cornmeal helps to get rid of boils. Wondering how cornmeal without any medicinal value can cure boils. Its good absorptive capacity helps to drain the boils, and thus fasten the process of healing boils.

• Another option to drain boils is to place a lukewarm pot over the boils. The heat of the cup helps to improve the blood circulation in the area surrounding the boils and thereby eliminates pus.

• Boil one cup of milk along with salt, and simmer it for about ten minutes. Now, add crumbled bread pieces to the milk until it becomes a thick paste. Application of this paste for every two hours helps to get rid of boils without much effort.

• The strong odor of onion serves as a good antiseptic agent. Placing a piece of onion over the boil improves blood circulation and thereby causes the boils to drain.

• Nutmeg has the ability to improve blood circulation, key requisite in healing wounds. Mix ½ teaspoon of nutmeg in one cup of hot water. This will help to drain the pus from the boils.

Finally, never try to force open the boils. Premature rupturing of the boils results in spread of the bacterium to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Do not allow others to use your towel, compresses or clothes to prevent the spread of the infection.

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    I have similar problem, only difference is the boils don't get matured completed. It dries off and leaves a scar on the skin?

    Can you help in reasoning out… This is happening from almost a year for now.

    Any test available to find out the root cause?

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