How to Overcome the Fear of Asking a Girl Out

There are many people who fear asking a girl out because of rejection. The irony is that it is always a man who has to ask a girl out. If you are undergoing such situation where you are facing a fear to ask a girl out, here is some advice that can help you in overcoming that fear.

Having the fear of asking a girl out is something that is very natural. But if you know the ways in which you can overcome this fear, it will make you feel confident when you approach a girl. Try out the following tips when you ask a girl out.

• The first point is confidence. When you ask a girl out there should be a confidence that should be visible in your attitude, your voice and your approach. Women love confident men and those who are not hesitant in saying out what is in their heart. So, gather up all the confidence and rehearse well, so that when you are in front of the girl you don’t fumble.

• The second aspect is grooming. If you are well groomed, it will not only give your confidence a boost but will also make a positive impact on the girl whom you are asking out. Pay attention to what you wear, how you look, how you smell and also your hair. A well-groomed man is always a positive point for a girl.

• Know about the girl whom you are about to ask. There is no harm or negativity in asking the girl’s friends about her likes and dislikes. In fact, you should have done a thorough research on the girls liking before you ask her out so that you know what she would like to eat, talk about and what you can gift her. If the girl whom you are about to ask out has been your friend for a long time then you would known her better.

• Knowing about girls in general as to what they like and what they dislike can help you boost your confidence. Read up on a few books or articles that would make it clear to you about what girls expect from their man.

• When you are about to ask a girl out, don’t make it extravagant. The more simple and effective you keep it, the better impact it has on the girl. So, make sure that you keep your proposal simple yet sweet and heart touching. This will put away some fear that’s hidden in you.

• One most important point that you should keep in mind is that even if you face rejection, there are a lot of options that are out in this world. So, don’t be scared of rejection and move on.

Asking out a girl is not a tough task if you have the confidence in you. Pull up your sleeves and be confident. Make it simple and casual and make sure that you make your proposal effectual, so that she cannot refuse you.

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  1. Not very helpful e.g. saying you got to have confidence is the most unhelpful advice I'be ever heard… you gotta explain in further detail.

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