How to Avoid Being Sleepy All the Time

The body needs energy to stay fit and healthy. Sleep is one of the most important factors to keep the body in its healthy state. There are times that you may feel sleepy because your body lacks the energy to stay up for a long time. If you have some sleepy habits that you are not supposed to be doing, learn some practical ways to control or avoid being sleepy at all times.

• If you can, try to have an 8 hour long sleep. If not, try to have at least 6 hours of good sleep; meaning you should be well rested and your body has recharged for the next activity.

• Try taking a short nap especially in the afternoon as this can refresh you to continue your work for the rest of the day.

• Wash your face with some cold water to reduce your sleepiness.

• Get more lights into your room, so you won’t feel sleepy and you would feel active again.

• Do some physical exercise; this will help you get rid of your sleepiness. Do some stretching or walking around to keep you moving and get rid of your sleepy blues.

• Try deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling to offset your feeling of sleepiness.

• Avoid drinking coffee too much and don’t drink alcohol especially at night, because this takes at least 8 hours for its effect to wear out and will only affect your sleep.

• Avoid taking large meals at night and drinking too much as this can cause you to wake up at night lessening your sleeping hours.

• Take a hot bath to make your sleep more comfortable at night.

• Make sure your room is quiet and your environment is propped up to make you sleep soundly at night and to avoid feeling sleepy the next day.

• Avoid taking medicines that may disrupt your sleep. Check with the doctor if you have to take medicine for your medical condition and it should not interfere with your sleep.

• Maintain a healthy diet. Remember to stay away from too many sweets. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

• You can take a vitamin supplement rich in iron and B12 – check with your doctor first.

• Try to relax. Stress and anxiety causes you to lack of sleep at nights and this will only make you feel sleepy the following day.

• Feel positive. Work on your feeling of enthusiasm, so you can release positive energy in you and lessen your sleepiness. Just focus on your work and think of the good result of doing a good job out of it.

If you still feel sleepy most of the time that it hampers your productivity as a person, you might as well have yourself checked by your doctor. You may have a more complicated problem about sleep, so it is best to do this at once.

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  1. This article doesn't give me any answer on how to avoid sleep… it gives me idea on how to get more sleep… this article is useless, extremely useless!

  2. Excellent article but would have liked a list of foods to eat to stop feeling sleepy, say, for instance foods containing iron and B12 as I never take pills.

  3. This didn't help at all, I feel sleepy all the time even after having a peaceful sound sleep at night. Sleepiness doesn't ever go away. No matter what I'm doing. Be it studying or just surfing on the net. Idk, never goes away. This post doesn't work. For me at least.

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