Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

There’s nothing new in yeast infections. Every woman has it, it only worsen if it provides a disturbing itch and sore. It can also get worse if your immunity falls down from the normal level. Taking care of your body and eating the right foods will help you minimize getting this ailment. It has been said according to research that 3 out of 4 women suffers from yeast infection through their lifetime. There are natural remedies which you can use in treating Candida, here are they:

1. Probiotics are famous natural remedy for yeast infection. It has been widely used globally to ease the effect of Candida to woman who is experiencing discomfort. It suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria into the body and promotes the growth of good bacteria. There are also new studies that vaginal suppository is good for yeast infections although they are harder to find than oral probiotics.

2. Boric acid suppositories are chemical with mild antiseptics that are said to be a perfect home remedy for yeast infections. There was a study in Italy that shows in about 22 women, who tried boric acid suppositories, all of them were healed from Candida. It has also been noted that it can also cause toxicity when ingested. You should also be careful in using it as it is not meant for body parts with cuts and deeply wounded.

3. Tee tree oil is also among the natural remedy being promoted by most known herbalist today. Its compound is said to be very effective when it comes to healing yeast infection. You should dilute it first in water and never applied it pure on affected area.

4. Yeast feeds on sugar; therefore, eliminating sugars from your diet will help you lessen the effect of yeast from your body. You should watch your sugar intake so yeast infection won’t come back anymore.

5. If you are suffering from pain, you can use garlic; you can place it fresh on your vagina and leave it for a few hours. It will help you relieve the pain quickly.

6. You can take cranberry juice since it has a powerful probiotics agent. You may be lacking good bacteria from your body. Drinking 2x a day of cranberry juice will restore good bacteria into your body.

7. Washing your vagina with warm salty water will help you maintain a yeast free life. It is best before and after an intercourse.

8. You can also use Aloe Vera to keep the vaginal area dry and free from bacteria as these harmful organisms feed on web and moist part of the body such as vagina and mouth.

9. Avoid sitting for longer period of time.

10. Avoid wearing fitted pants and underwear.

11. You shouldn’t swim much on public pools.

12. Avoid wearing wet bathing suits and underwear for a longer time.

13. Avoid wearing panty hose pants often, yeast breed on them.

14. Apple cider vinegar can also be used when you shower as a feminine wash replacement.

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