How to Treat Dog’s Ear Infection

Dogs become restless when they get an ear infection. The frequent rubbing of the ears causes bruises to the ear skin. Even after obtaining help from a professional veterinarian, the ear infections keep repeating even after they are cured. Hence, it is essential to take care to prevent the occurrence of ear infections. Ear infection is generally caused due to staphylococcal infection, a bacterial infection or other gram negative bacteria. Screening test is conducted to identify the exact strain of the bacterium responsible for infection and the treatment is done accordingly using appropriate antibiotics.

One major precaution to be taken to prevent the occurrence of dog infections is to cut the hair in the ear region very short. It not only prevents the occurrence of the infection, but also helps in faster healing of the ear infections.

If you see that the dog is rubbing its ears very frequently, then it could be due to ear infections. Take care of it immediately to prevent it from worsening. It is possible that the entire ear might get damaged. If the skin has been injured badly, then take the help of a veterinarian, who drains the ear completely. If the infection is not very serious, then you can treat it at home by using a solution of vinegar which is prepared by mixing one part of vinegar with one part of water. Use a dropper or squeezing bottle to pour the solution exactly into the ear rather than just pouring the solution.

Another effective measure to treat ear infection in dogs is to give the dog vitamin C. Vitamin C is found to increase the secretion of adrenal glands that in turn is found to play role in curing the ear infections. However, if the dog suffers with diarrhea upon having vitamin C, reduce the dosage. Recommended dosage for dogs weighing over 15 pounds is 100-250 mg.

If the ear infections is very severe and does not respond to the above measures, the veterinarian might suggest for a screening test. If the infection is due to bacteria, then it is treated with appropriate antibiotics. The treatment of bacterial infections is continued for a period of one week to two. However, a different set of drugs are used for yeast infections that generally cause the ear secretions to smell very badly. 4 percent solution of chlorhexidine and a cream of clotramizole are used to treat the ear infections caused by yeast. In more severe cases the doctor may give anesthesia to the dog to clean its ear. Generally, a dog ear cleaning solution has to be used for cleaning purpose. Never use water or peroxide to clean the dog’s ear.

If you do not wish to see your pet in pain, then clean its ear at least once in a week. Remove all the clogged up ear wax and clean the ear with gentle cleansing solutions. Ear infection could also be due to other causes such as thyroid problems, allergies or a tumor in the ear. That’s why, it is essential to take care of your dog’s health and by taking your dog visit a veterinarian regularly.

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