What to Do If Your Girlfriend Wants Space?

There are times when couples face the problem where the girlfriend demands for space. This can be quite haunting for the partner, as the girl whom you have thought to spend your life with has suddenly started asking for space. It is very important that in such a case you should not lose your temper and react in a bitter manner, as it can lead to spoiling the entire relationship. If you are facing such a situation then, it is important that you should be patient and try and understand why your girlfriend needs space.

If you try to act emotional and try to get her back, it would only complicate things and you would be hurting yourself instead. Irrespective of how difficult it is for you to give your girlfriend the space that she requires, it is better that you tell her that you understand and her decision is acceptable to you. Make yourself strong and tell her that you are fine with it and even you were thinking about the same. It will no longer make your feel rejected and this should work as a reversal on your girlfriend as she will take it up as a challenge and work on improving the relationship.

When you give your girlfriend the space she is asking for, she considers that you are respecting her feelings and understanding her need of some space. However, it is important that you should not do anything that would make her feel that you are intruding into her space or dominating over her. It often happens that the male emotions seem to be dominating over the female and it can lead to problems in a relationship. Take time out to understand what your girlfriend seeks. If you keep dominating over her all the time and rule over her time then you may be choking the relationship.

When she asks for her space give it to her and do not interfere in her matters or try to give her undue attention during that time. Many men start sending flowers, keep calling their partners or even start sending e-mails and long letters that can send a negative impact on the relationship. Just be cool and calm and let her enjoy her time also. The more you move according to her wishes the sooner she will come back to you.

Another point that should be considered is that when a girl asks for space in a relationship, there is obviously something missing in it. Start focusing more on yourself and think on where the problem lies. If you are able to find out the problem then correct it soon and make the change visible. The time that your girls is away from you, spend it on yourself and change a few things that you think might be the cause of the problem. Work on the qualities that she wants to have in you so that she gets the message that you are willing to do anything for her.

So, when your girlfriend asks for space, you should not get hysterical, be patient and give her the space so that both of you realize the importance of each other and make things work in a better way!


  1. I hate this comment but I feel that its true I almost messed up a question if u read these comments is it ok to write into a journal expressing my feelings and giving it to her or should I find myself instead. I reallly love her we've been together 6 yrs. I know the romance is gone the respect and sex became a habit so I know that this is a issue but I know theres something else I wish I knew though.

  2. Brillant advice this will help me throught his week XD

  3. I think it'll help. 38 fem sugical menopause 36 male now insecure fist time in tens. any tips. also now separated as she calls it. wants space to find herself. mmmm


  5. As comment number 2 said, I agree. This will keep me going for another week. I really enjoyed this article and it provides hope to my relationship. I tried researching many other topics and websites that had to do with the "girlfriend asking for space." I found this one the best, as it grabs insight to both partners and gives having space a better light. A better light meaning that maybe the girl does want space and just needs time off, a little break.

    In my relationship, I have to come to realize that space is also better not only for my girlfriend, but also for me. This gives me the time to really look at my life and see where the problem could have gone wrong in the relationship and fix it. What really hit home was that when I was reading this article was that I did exactly what it said. I calmly told my girlfriend that she could take some time off and take the space she needed, and that I would understand where she's coming from, aka giving her respect and an understanding of her feelings. I feel more positive on my outlook in the relationship after reading this. I will continue to hold hope and give her space!

  6. If a girl says she needs space, there is no interest from her in "working on the relationship". Space = other people. Space means she wants to be with someone else.

  7. I don't know where my relationship will head from here. But after reading this, I put my trust in her and felt much better.

  8. I think that this article is good, it makes you realise that you have yourself to look after as well as the other loved ones. Taking time off is not bad… the motto that every couple should live by is LOVE, TRUST & RESPECT

  9. Hey, thanks for the info, every week my gf brings back her new black f***buddy and I get to watch her and him get it on. She generally meets one every time she needs space so I'm so glad I followed your information. Thanks again!

  10. Great article!

  11. This is very helpful to me. I very much appreciate the positive way of looking at giving a lover space!

  12. mixedsweetheart23

    I am going thru this exact situation and it is great advice and I'm going to listen to it. Because me and my girlfriend are going thru this exact situation currently. So I just try and be patient and focus on myself and be there as much as I can for her. The only difference is I'm not a man, I'm a woman.

  13. I wish I would have read this piece two weeks ago. On Nov 7/2014, my girlfriend of 4 years said she needs space. It was a shock to me because we are compatible in so many ways, but we are both divorced single parents that live on opposite sides of the city. For the past two weeks I have been an emotional basket case. So hard to let go of the women that you care about so much. My best friend and I missed our daily communication. I will keep this by my journal whenever I have some negative emotions.

  14. I'm currently going through this. It’s horrible. She said she's not with me after 8 years because she doesn't known what she wants and need to think. I did the whole flower buying, nagging etc. for around 2 weeks before I gave her the space & it's now been a week with no contact whatsoever. Have I ruined my chances because I didn’t give her the space to start with? I'm in constant pain but can't get in touch because it will ruin any chance I have but more time goes on less likely it will work out? Any further advice would be great.

  15. Great advice… going through this myself and the best thing is to back off and give her the space she wants. If she doesn't come back, why would you want to force her or try to convince her otherwise if she doesn't want to be there… just relax and she'll come around.

  16. It's on point. Best article. Well I'm in dis form of fix now, but the issue is that being inexperienced I had to insist n at some points lost it with words. I have finally given her d space. It's two weeks now. I ask: should I go bk n apologise n say I accept d space like this article suggest or just continue with d space not saying anything at all to her. Cos I feel I didn't handle it initially well and kinda want to go put things right buy letting her know I accept or should I send a text? Thnks. Id appreciate a reply!

  17. I have been speaking to a girl for 2 weeks now and she said she needed space. After a day of not talking I get texting and messaging her. Have I wrecked my chances for her to come back to me or should I wait till she contacts me back?

    Please help, this girl is like love at first sight for me. 🙁

  18. You don't mention when it has nothing to do with you? Or that it even might have nothing to do with you?

    Everyone has baggage and just because she (/he) wants space from you does not mean it is your fault.

  19. Thank you, this article was a great read, and it's crazy how emotional and out of place a man can feel in this type of situation thinking that by giving her space she's slipping away little by little, paranoia at its best lol especially when you love her so much and want to spend the rest of your life with her it's just amazing. Space it's what it is, if she truly wants to be with me she will come back, and if not I guess I'll have to invest good time on myself and just improve better as a human being and become a better man for whatever the future holds, good luck fellas.

  20. Really nice and helpful

  21. Thank you, my girl had told me we need to stay away from each other. I just don't know yet what she's looking for in me. Hopefully this sparked an idea.

  22. This is a mouthful, thanks!

  23. I have been with my girlfriend for 3 months and the other day she told me she needed some space some time apart. And I thought like I'm sure most guys do *what did I do wrong, where did I screw up* well she told me what I Already knew and that I was too smothering and she needed some time to think. After our phone conversation I panicked and had all sorts of thoughts – -is there another guy – -does she want to break up but she finds this an easy way to let me down slowly amongst other thoughts I had. I went 3 days without talking to her no text no Facebook no email nothing. I'm sure most guys go longer before they hear back from their girlfriend or some not at all and that sucks and I'm sorry I know it sucks cuz this was a very hard 3 days for me. But I took this time and really thought about things about our Relationship.

    Ain't gonna lie I feared the worse and what I prayed for came to light and I'm back with my girlfriend with a whole great new outlook on things.. so any of you reading this because you’re going through the same thing my advice is first and upmost important do not contact her at all not Facebook, twitter, phone call, text, accidently "bump into her" dRive by her house nothing do nothing except take this time to refocus on yourself and pray about it God listens… And when she calls you just listen to her and share with her what you've learned without her knowing you studied sort of speak for it and go from there if she invites you for coffee or whatever too talk do it don't play games about it just do it.. I did she called me today and I did like I said I shared with her what I've learned and everything is good now we are back together with plans tomorrow.. Good luck guys hope this helps and God bless.

  24. @lol

    Don't talk rubbish… people need space sometimes. To believe a woman simply wants it to spend with another is utterly ignorant and your comment is irresponsible and could well damage the hope of some of these people here. Space SAVED my relat

  25. This article really called me down. Into this New Year my girlfriend and I really became so close after having a pretty rough Dec. Recently she asked that I give her space. I agreed without any argument. It's not the first time in our four years being together. I miss her so much. But as the article makes it clear, not giving her space will only show you won't do absolutely anything for your partner. I will continue to be positive. Thank you!

  26. I definitely wish I could've seen this about a week ago. My girlfriend and I are at a very awkward stage where she wants space and I have never been one to give it due to the fact that I don't know what's really up. I now finally realized, as stupid as it makes me look, that I just need to let her come to me rather than go to her every time. Thank you so much! I'm going to try every one of these tactics and see which one works best. God bless you!

  27. This article helped me

  28. Genuinely loved the article. Thanks a lot!

    Hope it works :p

  29. Good article. I'm trying to be positive. I have a big influence in her life and I think she needed to get away from me to truly examine her feelings. She knows I love her and respect her. I will continue to hold on to the hope that we will be together again.

  30. Space is not always a bad thing.

  31. Thanks. I know this is true. We had a great relationship for months. I screwed up being full of pride. She got hurt. Then I came back after two months away and apologized and tried to give her everything she wanted before. BAD IDEA! Too serious all of the time… So I wait until her daughter goes back to college then you know what. I will invite her to lunch and to visit a new store near me that has stuff she loves. A first date again. Keeping it light. Keeping it fun. I want her to desire me again. NO emotional pressure, no crazy. Date her like she is new. Hears to hoping – I never wanted to remarry until I met this woman.

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