What Is Tantra Massage?

Tantra is an old healing technique which was formed many centuries ago. It was formulated to release natural energy from within the body to deal with physical and emotional trauma. As a matter of fact, tantra is practiced in several ways. Tantric yoga, tantric sex, tantric massage and tantric meditation are the different types of tantra practiced in our society today. It’s not one of those arts which can be mastered within a few days. It takes several years or even decades to perform the different forms of tantra with perfection. Having said that, it’s possible to learn few basic tantric massage to provide pleasurable moments to your partner.

We all resort to different means to relax and to find peace in life. There are truckloads of individuals out there for whom tantra massage is the best way to relax and find peace in their life. Tantric massage is basically just like a regular massage. However, it was created with the belief that sexually happy individuals are healthier in life. Your entire body will be massaged including some of your sensitive areas.

Some people also find it the best way to achieve their desirable goals. In this type of massage, both the persons should have trust upon each other. Lots of individuals were found curious about this type of massage since several years. This curiosity proved to be an helpful factor to unveil the fact that this massage is a great stress buster.

This form of massage is more of an intimate massage. It requires one to pay close heed to what the other person is saying. Some individuals are under the notion that this massage involves sex, however, this notion is completely wrong and baseless. Although it’s a very sensual massage, it does not involve sexual interaction between the person involved in the massaging act. The person receiving the tantric massage allows the other person to have full control over their body. In most cases, this massage takes place between individuals who are in close relationships, but this may not always be the case. A trained professional can also perform this massage on you.

Some individuals may showcase discomfort since it involves highly sensual interaction. However, if you relax and completely trust the other person then you will not feel uncomfortable, and you will realize that tantra massage is one of the best form of massage that exist in our society today. You will feel completely relaxed, but you will still be wide awake.

If you are a person who likes trying out new things in life, then tantric massage is a certain thing to consider in your life. Tantric massage will arouse deep sensual feeling within you, and you will enjoy the overall pleasurable experience. Individuals trying out this massage for the first time might find it a little too much to handle.

In summary, tantric massage will make you feel as if you are on a joy ride, where there are no physical boundaries and worries involved. You will be living life in the moment!


  1. Dr./Rev.. Roxanne Raven

    I am a trained professional Tantra massage provider. The article is incomplete and somewhat misleading. Tantra massage is NOT like regular message, and may or may not include massage of the entire body… that totally depends on the giver. One of the primary elements in Tantra massage is the "balancing of energies" through hands-on energy work done on the primary 7 Chakras. A basic outline for Tantra massage is as follows: 1. Create a relaxing environment through a comfortable massage area, which can be a table or bed. 2. Enhance relaxation through the use of aroma therapy incense, candles, ambient music, and relaxation massage. 3. Provide breathing and meditation instruction to further enhance relaxation and facilitate the rest of the service. 4. Balance recipient energies by opening, clearing, balancing, and reactivating Chakra energies. 5. Trigger natural body chemical and enzyme releases through sensual and/or erotic stimulation. — NOTE: The preparatory steps are very important PRIOR to any stimulating touch being done in more sensitive areas, and is essential for the healing portions of the service to work correctly. So the first part of the service is preparation for the stimulating part of the service, so that it will be the most effective for healing purposes. But not only does the preparation enhance healing properties of the massage, but also enhances the intensity of the stimulating part of the service. — a dual purpose for the preparation. Tantra massage, when done correctly, triggers the release of the recipient's natural reserves of not only endorphins, but also natural reserves of oxytocin, DHEA, and serotonin (and some beneficial dormant enzymes)… all of which have been shown through clinical studies to raise immune system and pituitary function (which causes the pituitary gland to produce more hormones that regulate vital body organs — like it did when the recipient was younger.) The Energy and stimulation work act in tandem to produce the desired results, because having your energies balancing prior to stimulation helps the stimulation techniques to work better. Those recipients that are old enough to experience pituitary shrinkage will receive more health benefit from the massage service than their younger counterparts — who may only receive assistance in relieving stress and anxiety. ** I don't know where the author of this article got his information, but it was severely incomplete in not offering up these aspects of Tantra massage. A TRUE Tantra massage always includes relaxation AND the balancing of Chakra energies. If someone claims that they perform Tantra massage, and they aren't working on your Chakras, it is NOT true Tantra Massage… it is merely sensual or erotic massage.

    1. Thank you Dr./Rev.. Roxanne Raven, that was thoughtful, clear and thorough.

      1. Dear Dr. Roxanne Raven,

        Your comment was very helpful in order to better understand the Tantric Massage procedures. I have a question, is the masseur during tantric massage using is lips on the body? (I don’t mean only the intimate parts, but the whole body).

        Thanks in advance.

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