How to Identify Parasites on Humans

Parasites are the agents that reside on other organisms for prey and shelter. A characteristic feature of parasites is the ability to reproduce at a very faster rate say one egg per an hour throughout the lifespan in case of fleas. Thus, if you are hosting one parasite in your body, then get ready for a whole big family within a very short period. Some of these parasites cause dreadful diseases while others cause simple itching. To avoid worst circumstances, it is essential to identify and eliminate the parasites on humans. Following are some of the ways that help to identify the presence of parasites on humans.

• Itching is the primary sign for the presence of parasites on the human body. These parasites can be two varieties. One type restrict to the surface of the body while the other type burrows deep into the skin. However, it is possible to identify the burrowing parasites as they cause the feeling of crawling under the skin.

• Some parasites result in the formation of red colored rashes. This redness increases due to scratching. However, some rashes do not cause any itching. It is essential to check for the formation of new rashes regularly. If the rashes continue to increase at the same location then it is due to rapid multiplication of the parasites residing in that location of the skin. However, if you are developing rashes at various places of the body, then there is a great chance of your house being infested with parasites. In such cases, it is essential to get the house cleaned to obtain relief from parasitic infections.

• It is highly essential to meet a physician immediately after the symptoms such as itching and rashes start to develop. It is just because to avoid secondary infection that develops from broken skin. Your doctor will identify the actual causative parasite and provide the needed medications to relieve the symptoms of parasitic infection.

• To ease the process of parasite identification for your physician, it is essential to make a note of the affected region as every parasite prefers certain location of the body. For example, lice live on the scalp region. Certain blood sucking parasites such as bedbugs that are capable of causing serious illnesses reside on any region of the body.

• Another factor that is important in diagnosing the parasites is the place of your residence or where were you present when you developed the rash. It is because, certain parasites can reside only in specific locations. This is mainly due to supporting climatic conditions.

• Apart from the superficial parasites another set of parasites reside inside the body. Such parasites include the round worm, pin worms and hook worms. These depend on the food taken by the person. As a result the person will be poorly supplied with nutrients even after consuming a healthy diet. Presence of the parasites can be identified by signs such as diarrhea, pain in the stomach, vomiting, anemia and nausea. In case of pinworms, itching is felt in the anal region.

All the above signs and symptoms are signs of presence of parasites either inside or outside the body.

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