How to Use a Slimming Belt

If you are either obese or suffering with a protruding tummy, then you will definitely love slimming belts. This article presents information on slimming belts and how to use them.

Slimming belts are simple vibrating belts that are worn around the waist region. Designers of these slimming belts claim that the movements of the belts play role in stimulating the muscles of the waist region and thereby resulting in tightening of the stomach muscles. They even say that these belts help to lose weight. They say that by wearing these belts, it is possible to reduce the stomach volume and thereby reduce the amount of food intake. This will ultimately cut the weight. However, users of these belts say that they have not lost any weight and they just started to look slim than before due to tightening of the muscles.

There are various types of slimming belts. Some slimming belts offer you the option to control the speed of vibration. Certain types of slimming belts are to be used while exercising. This type of belt increases the extent of perspiration while practicing the workouts and thereby helps in losing the excess water content of the body. Another type of slimming belts are those with a major function of supporting the back. However, they even serve the purpose of slimming.

Even novice can use these slimming belts with great ease. Just wear the belt in the desired portion of the body, connect it to the power supply and switch on the button. You can wear the slimming belt in areas such as around the thighs, hips, waist and the like. Now, depending on your comfort adjust the level of speed of vibration. Slimming belts can be used for a time period of about fifteen to thirty minutes. Some belts come with a timer, giving you the option to set the time period of vibration. Belts with a timer stop vibrating after completion of the set time period. Some people believe that wearing the slimming belt for a longer period gives faster results. But, it is just a myth. In the initial days of using the belt you may feel itching at the site of using the belt while the belt is vibrating. It is just a simple reaction of the body to the vibrations caused by the belt. Do not try to scratch. The sense of itching just disappears immediately after the vibration stops.

You can carry out certain activities such as reading book, cooking, knitting or any other job until the belt does not pose any disturbance to you. However, be careful to avoid contact with water as you may mistakenly touch the power cord with wet hands.

Lastly, while selecting the slimming belts check with the retailer about the details of the warranty for the product and return policies to return the product if you do not experience desired results. You can obtain perfect results with slimming belts only by practicing exercises while wearing the belt. This will cut down the water weight of the body and so, you will start to look slim and experience weight loss.

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  1. I've been using the igia vibro shape for three months now but still I don't see any results or is it because I'm not exercising?

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