Why Are Grandparents So Important?

Grandparents are like shady trees that has an ever welcoming attitude towards life. They are always there to offer their cool shade to the next generation. It seems that they have all the love, affection and warmth in the world stored within them. The unconditional warmth and infinite love create a special bond between the two generations. More than the parents, grandparents feel the pain when the child gets hurt or starts crying. Not to undermine the fact that grandparents look like the happiest individuals on this world, when they spend time with their grandchildren.

Today, the task of raising the children is not restricted to the parents. The fact of the matter is that millions of grandchildren around the world are raised solely by their grandparents. In some unfortunate cases, parents do not shy away from abandoning their responsibilities, however, grandparents showcase their lion’s heart and they take up the responsibility of raising the kids, being completely aware of the fact that this emerging responsibility can take a toll on their health.

As a child grows up, he/she will encounter dozens of teachers, but there cannot be any replacement for grandparents. Grandparents have a goldmine store of knowledge. Not all grandparents may possess bookish knowledge, but they have a wealth of real life experiences and information to share, which is not taught in any of the schools out there. The best part is that you will always see that million dollar smile running down their cheeks as soon as they see their grandchildren. More than often, they see their own reflection in their grandchildren, and despite growing age acting against them, they leave no stone unturned to see happiness in their kid’s life.

Some of the grandparents have all the time in the world to devote towards their grandchildren. Some parents make use of this opportunity and leave their child at the care of the grandparents. In this manner, they are able to generate more revenue for the family to lead a better life. They serve as a great link between the past, present and the future. They introduce their kids to the past traditions, get involved with them in the present and help them shape their future.

Today, children often look up to their grandparents for suggestions, since they know that grandparents have seen and faced the real world inside-out. Being the most experienced candidates in the family, they are also entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the family together. Grandparents and kids are seen as best pals. Kids often reveal secrets and problems about their life to their grandparents, and the latter offers them valuable advice on how to deal with the situation. In this manner, grandparents make sure that the kids do not cross the boundaries by their actions.

Goes without saying, grandparents are very important in our lives, when it comes to imbibing great values in our kids. Kids may not listen to their parents, but they will pay heed to what the old grandma or grandpa has to say. After all, getting advices from the roots of the family tree (grandparents) will ensure that the fruits (children) are sweet, worthy and lovable.

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  1. My grandparents are the most beautiful people in the whole wide world and I can't imagine life without them! My love for them goes beyond this world!

  2. I agree completely with the points made in this article. As a grandma of 4 beautiful grandchildren, I am blessed to have them in my life.

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