How to Get a Thinner Face Fast

You can’t target fat loss so you just need to lose fat to get that thinner face but let’s look some alternatives also.

When we talk about excess weight, we tend to think about our thighs, stomach and buttocks. Our face is another spot that troubles us a great deal due to unwanted weight gain. While you can hide your overflowing tummy inside your clothes, it’s not possible to apply the same trick on your face.

1) The fastest way to get a thinner face is to apply a well-thought makeup.

Although the effect is temporary, it’s a safer option over surgical methods that can invite loads of health risks in your life. The best part over here is that facial cosmetics can offer you instant results without the need of a thick wallet. Below are a few pointers that will help you achieve a thinner face with the aid of good makeup.

First and foremost, you need to highlight your eyes so that you are able to draw the attention away from the shape of your face. Intelligent application of lipstick can also work in your favor. Apply the lipstick on your lips in such a manner that they look full and lush. Lastly, make sure of translucent powder on your cheekbones to make it look bigger. Bigger cheek bones will make your face look thinner than what it is.

2) There are many individuals out there who vouch for the fact that chewing gum can help one achieve thinner face.

Chewing gum serves as an exercise for our jaws, thereby helping one shape up their jaw muscles. It’s believed that chewing gums tone up our facial muscles and also promotes blood circulation in our facial areas. Although it won’t offer one immediate results as makeup would do, habitual use of chewing gums can make one’s face look thinner over a period of time.

3) Consider performing some facial exercises to experience long term results over here.

Here’s how you can slim your chin. Simply extend your bottom lop out and up, attempting to raise it over your top lip. Hold for about 10 seconds and perform this exercise for 10 repetitions.

4) Regular body workout can be hugely beneficial in offering one a thinner face.

Regular fat loss exercise will help you drop weight from the entire body, including your face. A leaner body and thinner face will make you look very attractive. Simple exercises such as walking, swimming, skipping and dancing can be incorporated in your daily living to experience good health and thinner face. Make sure that you back up your exercise regime with proper diet plan in order to experience rapid results for your time and efforts.

5) Remember, water retention can also result into fuller face.

Over here, you need to reduce the intake of salt and drink at least 8 glass of water on daily basis to achieve a thinner face as soon as possible. At the end of the day, make sure that you don’t go overboard with any of the above mentioned activities. Extremely skinny face won’t look good either!

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  1. Thanks for helping me to find the fastest way to a leaner and thinner face. It really made me depressed knowing my face is fat, I'll try drinking 8 full cup of water a day for a thinner face and as well try to do the exercise mentioned above too! Thank you. ^_^

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