How to Sober Up

Being drunk may seem like a lot of fun and might be a great way to socialise and forget about your everyday problems. However at the same time it is also quite bad for you – leaving you dizzy and forgetful and meaning you are likely to vomit. This means that it’s certainly not appropriate for every situation and that it can be dangerous in excess. Being able to quickly sober back up then is an important skill that we will look at here. Here are some things you can do if you need to get un-drunk fast…

Stop drinking

Of course the first thing you need to do is to stop drinking. This way your liver will break down the alcohol without you adding more to counteract this process. You will normally break down alcohol at a rate of one unit per hour, so if you drink ten units it will take you ten hours to sober up. If you don’t want to stop drinking completely however this also means you can start to sober up whilst still drinking. If you drink less than a unit per hour then this will start to clear out your blood stream while you can still join in the festivities. A unit is around a small glass of wine.

Drink water

This will dilute your blood and mean that there is less alcohol circulating around your body. At the same time it will mean that you go to the toilet more which will flush your system and remove the alcohol that way. This also helps you to freshen up.

Splash water on your face

This is a very quick way to freshen up and also cool yourself down. While it won’t have a big effect on your body chemistry it will certainly help you to think a bit more clearly.

Being sick

Actually being sick can sometimes help you to sober up as it rejects the alcohol (albeit rather violently) from your body. It’s not a good idea to force yourself to be sick, but don’t be too against the idea either and if you feel very unwell and are dangerously drunk it may be advisable.

Be active

If you’re on the dance floor then you can actually sweat out some of the alcohol – so dance faster and you’ll feel better (and burn more calories too!).

Have something to eat

Eating will help slow down the effect that alcohol has on your brain by giving your stomach more to absorb so that the alcohol gets to your blood stream more slowly. Eating before you go on a night out is important to line the stomach, but if you start eating later on this will still help you to lessen the effects of the alcohol.

Drink coffee

Any caffeine is a stimulant. This means that it speeds up our body and that has several positive effects on our bid to sober up – first of all it increases our metabolism meaning that our body more quickly flushes the alcohol out of our body (it is also a diuretic meaning that we will go to the toilet more), and secondly it will speed up our higher cognitive functions; as alcohol is a depressant this means that the two can almost cancel each other out. If you’re still out in a bar then order Coca Cola or Red Bull – this also contains large quantities of caffeine.

Want to sober up

Ever noticed how you quickly sober up when something bad happens and you need to deal with it? This is because there is a psychological element to being drunk and it is possible to regain some cognitive power through the mire of drunkenness. Will yourself to get sober more quickly then and you will find you do to an extent.

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  1. I'm slowly starting to sober up, thanks to this article. Drunk-me realized that sober-me was better at life, so he looked this up. I finally remember what I drank, and it's not pretty…

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