Nausea can be related to many things and is a symptom of many conditions and experiences. Among these are some dangerous and serious conditions so before you go about stopping nausea you should try and get to the cause of the problem. If the problem is acute though, or if it has been triggered by a known condition or by travelling, then it can be a good idea to try and address the symptoms in order to avoid what can be a very unpleasant sensation. Here then we will look at how to stop nausea and following are a few methods that may prove effective:

Drink some soda

Specifically carbonated soda that you have allowed to go flat. Carbonated soft drinks can often help with nausea but the fizz can sometimes cause gas which will further contribute to your sickness. Flatten it then by leaving it standing, or if you need it more quickly – shaking it rapidly.

Replenish your nutrients

If you are nauseous and in a cold sweat then you will be losing blood sugar and salt. This might be further contributing to your feelings of nausea so to counteract the problem replace them with a pinch of salt or a spoon of sugar. A warm tea with sugar is also a common remedy. Isotonic sports drinks are specifically designed in order to replace body sugar and salt and contain them in the same proportions that exist in our body so these may help too.

Eat something plain

Often when we’re nauseous the last thing we want to do is to eat. However this is often ill-informed and having something savoury in your stomach may in fact reduce the symptoms of nausea. In some cases hunger may even be one of the causes of the nausea. Avoid anything complicated to digest or any liquids and go instead for dry savoury foods such as crackers or bread. This can also prevent the flow of saliva that precedes vomiting.

Put your head between your knees

Lack of blood or oxygen to the brain is also a common cause of nausea and can result in fainting or just feeling faint. To avoid this then, dip your head between your knees and you should encourage blood flow there. This is a good technique to use if your face is also pale.

Find your bearing

Nausea can sometimes be caused by a discrepancy between your orientation and your perceived orientation – which is what causes travel sickness or sea sickness for many people. To try and improve this then, get your bearing by finding the horizon and focussing on that which will help your brain find equilibrium. It may also help to hold onto a wall.

Drink water

Sometimes just a glass of very cold water can make a big difference in combating nausea.

Use acupuncture

One home remedy for nausea that many people swear by is to find the webbed bit of skin between the thumb and the index finger and to squeeze this. This is a form of acupuncture that will work for some people but that others will feel less certain about. If you are feeling nausea then it cannot help to try.

Get fresh air

Cold, fresh air can very regularly help to combat nausea and make you feel less sick. Stuffiness in fact is a common cause for nausea, so if you are feeling sick or feeling faint you should get outside quickly and this will prove especially effective if it is cool weather. Otherwise a fan or air conditioning may have a similar effect.

Use peppermint or ginger

Peppermint and ginger are two popular remedies for nausea. Chewing on peppermint gum, or taking ginger capsules, can both help to alleviate symptoms.

Use medication

There are a range of medications aimed at combating nausea and some that are focussed on specific causes. For example some medication is specifically for travel sickness or specifically for sea sickness.

Combine methods

Of course you do not just have to use any one of these methods, but using a combination of methods can maximise their impact. If you start feeling nauseous then get outside into the fresh air, ask someone to bring you some savoury, salty food, drink a warm sugary tea, and dip your head in between your legs.

Be sick

If nothing else works then it can often help to be sick which will often bring at least temporary relief. There are many ways to encourage yourself to be sick, such as drinking salt water, or pushing your fingers to the back of your throat. Mostly though just do not fight it if you start to feel the need to throw up. In some cases this might also be necessary to eject the cause of the nausea from your body.


  1. About the putting your fingers to the back of your neck, what if you just ate? Isn't that bulimia?

  2. I feel like eating or sucking on ice helps me as well…

  3. feeling so sick right now… just hacked up lunch, roommate has the same bug. FML. hope I am better by morning…

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