How to Make Mouthwash With Baking Soda

A good mouthwash is designed to allow you to wash out your mouth in a manner that is quicker and easier to use than using toothbrush. Unfortunately for most of us, brushing our teeth after every meal is not possible, simply because it would involve needing a bowl to spit in, lots of water to rinse our mouth with and a way to carry our toothbrush and toothpaste with us conveniently. Apart from anything else, most people would be quite put off by seeing us properly brushing our teeth in front of everyone every day and it’s not highly socially acceptable when eating out. This then means that you can use a mouthwash more regularly than toothpaste which allows you to kill off the bacteria and the germs inside your mouth after every meal. This important step will then be enough to ensure that you drastically limit the negative effects caused by bacteria normally.

At the same time mouthwash is able to reach the areas that you can’t reach with a regular toothbrush. By washing your mouth out with a liquid it is possible to clean between your teeth and to get under your tongue and right to the backs of your mouth. Some of these areas you can’t reach with a toothbrush and others are simply too soft and tender for rigorous scrubbing to be a good idea.

Finally mouthwash enables people to very quickly improve the freshness of their breath. Those who struggle with bad breath do so because of the bacteria in their mouths and so by removing the bacteria it is possible to improve the smell. Many mouthwashes will also include some kind of mint or other smell too to replace the odour and leave your mouth smelling fresh. This then means that after a long day someone going on a date or attending an important meeting can quickly freshen up and so make a better impression.

Why Make Your Own?

Making your own mouthwash meanwhile is a very good idea for several reasons. The first is of course expense, and unfortunately many regular mouthwashes will cost you a lot of money to purchase despite running out relatively quickly. If you knew you could make your own very quickly using things around the house in very small quantities then you might be less likely to happily hand over your cash.

At the same time many branded mouthwashes use fluoride and this is a chemical that many people feel strongly against. While it is a strong and efficient way to kill bacteria, many people fear that fluoride could have negative effects on the user, and this is why young children are recommended not to use ‘adult’ toothpaste containing fluoride as one of the main ingredients. By making your own you can be sure of exactly what goes into it and avoid harsh chemicals.

How to Make Mouthwash From Baking Soda

Simply add half a spoon of baking soda to a glass of water and then rinse this thoroughly throughout your mouth. Baking soda will neutralise the smell caused by bacteria rather than just covering it up which makes it a highly effective form of mouthwash for those who suffer from bad breath.

If you want to make your mouthwash to be slightly more effective at killing bacteria and preventing infection and gum disease however, you can also add a pinch of salt. This works because sodium (salt) is disinfectant and kills off germs. If you ever get a bad cut then doctors recommend that you dab it with salt water, and so using salt in your home made mouthwash is a good way to keep your mouth infection-free too.

Finally you may wish to add an additional smell or taste to your mouthwash – at this point it might be tasting mostly just like water. Of course you need to avoid lots of sugar, but mint is a popular favourite. To do this, simply add a sprinkling of peppermint to the mixture. Keep this in a bottle in a bag and you can conveniently use as much as you need after each meal or before important social occasions.

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  1. I just wanted to say this article has made my old school thoughts official like a referee whistle. I'm now 43, when growing up mom always used bacon soda I was young and dum. She said it was healthier for the mouth, when I was on my own I thought she was being cheap, as I started Taking notice of my health I realize that some tooth paste are bad. My wife is a health nut witch I like a lot, we are taking the slow route to organic everything it’s tough, and also a little pricey, but we all know what's the price limit on your health? There is none lol I'm thankful for the opportunity to read this and pass on let's put the mouth was industry out of business… #BIG BLAQUE out.

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