Which Hair Highlighting Technique Is Better – Foil or Cap?

Highlighting technique is one of the easiest means to enhance your look. Hair highlighting offers precise dimension to one’s hair cut, thereby concealing grey areas to promote one’s appearance. Basically, hair highlighting technique involves addition of lighter colors strands to your hair. Today, hair highlighting can be achieved in many different ways. So far, two hair highlighting methods are found to be widely popular amongst the masses – foil hair technique and cap hair technique. As such, each of these methods has their share of pros and cons. That being said, let’s try to figure out which of these methods is better.

Today, most hair stylists out there use foil technique to highlight hair. This method involves coloring of certain strands of hair. This is attained by weaving or slicing the hair sections that one wants to highlight. As such, once the client decides which way the highlighting is to be done, a hair stylist places the chosen hair strands on the foil to apply color. The foil is folded over to seal in the application. This technique works great for long hairs as the hair does not get tangled. On the other hand, cap technique isn’t quite popular as foil hair highlighting technique. Cap technique involves pulling dry hair strands through a perforated cap with the aid of a thin metal hook. The amount of hair pulled through the perforated cap will determine how many highlights have to be done. As such, caps method is suited for short hairs.

Cap hair technique is not as expensive as foil hair technique. Also, the time taken to perform cap hair technique is very less in comparison to foil hair highlighting technique. Talking about the hair highlighting cost, it would vary depending upon the place from you get the work done. On a more general level, you may have to shave off anywhere around $30 to $150 for cap hair technique, depending upon your hair length, whereas for a foil hair technique, you should be prepared to pay around $50 to $300. Although foil hair highlighting technique is expensive and time consuming, you might wonder why most people opt for it over cap method. The answer is pretty simple! The convenience factor goes for a ride when it comes to getting your hair work done via cap method. For instance, pulling the hair for highlighting can be quite uncomfortable and painful. Besides this, only one color can be applied with the aid of cap method. On the other hand, multiple colors can be applied if you opt for foil hair highlighting method.

As such, both the methods are effective. You may want to consider your preference as well as the pros and cons of each of these methods before visiting the parlor. In conclusion, it’s advisable to handpick cap method if you have short hairs as pulling short hairs would not be that much of a pain. On the other hand, you can consider foil technique if you have longer hairs.

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