Belly Button Piercing Facts

Belly button piercings can look great on the right person – if you have a nice flat stomach and a toned set of abs then it’s a perfect way to draw attention to them and to add something of interest and draw the eye.

At the same time they’re also perfectly safe when you get them from a professional piercing parlour using sterilised tools and cause no lasting damage to your body.

However in some rare cases belly button piercings can go wrong and this can result in them falling out or infection.

Here we will look at a few belly button piercing facts to help you understand what’s happening when this happens and how to avoid it.

Belly Button Piercing Facts

When you first get your belly button pierced it is important to use a non-corrosive material in your jewellery such as stainless steel.

You should never pierce your own belly button as this will increase your chances of infection.

When you first have your belly button pierced you should wear lightly fitted clothes over it to allow air to get to the hole.

When you first have a new piercing you need to keep the jewellery in to ensure that the hole doesn’t close over. It normally takes 4 months to a year for this to happen.

When you get your belly button pierced you are likely to experience a brief sharp pain – but this will vary largely from person to person and case to case.

In some cases your piercing can ‘migrate’ after a few years causing your jewellery to fall out and requiring the area to be re-pierced.

Washing your newly pierced stomach regularly can help to prevent infection. Use a saline solution. Infection can be avoided by the piercer washing their hands and using sterile equipment too, but it is always a risk.

Infection can still occur after the hole has healed.

In some cases your body might ‘reject’ the piercing. In this case you will likely get swelling and pain.

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  1. You do NOT need a flat toned stomach or abs for a navel piercing. That's just flat out ignorant. If you're comfortable with your body and think you would look good with one, then go for it, even if you're chubby or obese. I mean, no one goes into a piercing shoppe for a genital piercing and gets kicked out for having a nasty downstairs area. Seriously, don't be like that. Also, I wouldn't recommend Saline after a while. It doesn't really do anything, and for me, it worsened my chances of infection and I actually got an infection.

  2. I thought this article was ok, but it did not mention much of the pros and cons, and what to do if rejected, infected, ect. It also would have been helpful if it had mentioned about what type of person can't get it done, eg. medical conditions, pregnant ect.

  3. You don't need a flat stomach to get one, I don't have one but I am a healthy size for my age. I'm getting mine don in February. That's just stupid that you put that you need a flat tummy.

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