How to Convince a Girl Into Accepting a Date

Convincing a girl you’re worth her time and taking her out on a date may seem difficult at first. Being afraid of failure is a major factor that may prevent you from making any attempts of luring a girl into wanting to get to know you. Yet as long as you present your request to her in an adequate way, you’re chances are that she might just decide to say “yes”.

Know Your Chances

First of all, you need some sign of approval that you have the smallest chance of her accepting your invitation. Try to glance at her for a little while so that you get to make eye contact at some point. Smile subtly as you do this. Her look should give you a bit of intel on whether you’re welcome or not, and this will help you appreciate what your chances are of receiving a positive answer from her.

Make Use of Opportunities

If you’re not too eager to suddenly dash in front of her and pop up the question, you should try to make use of an event or occasion to try and talk without her feeling awkward. A school trip, for example, at a local museum, might be the perfect opportunity to invite her on a date she might accept. Stay in her proximity, notice her reactions and feedback about the pieces displayed, and keep in mind what she seems to like. Then approach her towards the end of the trip, and tell her about a museum you know and love and that she might like as well. Use the insight you received during the trip to your advantage and convince her what a lovely time she could have by going to that particular place with you.

Another way of inviting her on a date is by using an event in your advantage to actually display the array of skills or hobbies you talked to her about so many times. Invite her to your next violin concert, football match or ask her to come and see your paintings at an upcoming gallery exhibit. If you know she appreciates what you do, you may find her curious about other aspects of your life.

Throw a Party, and Invite Her

This may not guarantee you’ll get yourself a date, but if you do handle the invitation correctly, you might increase your chances of convincing her to go out with you. Organize a small social gathering, but do not start planning unless you’re certain that she will come. Throw the party at someone else’s home if possible for being on neutral territory might help her feel more at ease when you launch your dating invitation. Wait until you can have a quiet talk with her and confess you threw the party so you could get the opportunity of telling her how happy she’d make you if she would give you the chance to go out with her and have a good time. Chances are she might be impressed with your efforts and accept your invitation.

Make Use of Common Interests

Assuming you’re quite fond of a band that she happens to love as well, you could approach her by telling her what a lovely time you had two Fridays ago when you saw the band playing live at a local pub. Ask her if she would like to go with you next week as the band happens to be playing another gig in the local area. Buy an extra ticket for her as well, but mention you have a friend that could get her a ticket, so she won’t feel obliged to go with you just for the sake of the expenses. Try to convince her of how great you felt about the evening and how positive you are that she might like it as well. When you talk about something you actually love and appreciate, she will notice right away that your enthusiasm is genuine and might get really interested in going on a date with a guy that knows a good band when he hears one. This example can work with a number of different interests.

Find Out Her Schedule

One of the reasons she might say no to your invitation is that she is simply too busy to find some spare time to go out with you at a certain time. The best way of avoiding getting impaired by her busy schedule is learning which days and during which hours she might be available for going on a date with you. If you know her well enough to know her schedule for the upcoming days, you should have an idea on what is the appropriate time to set a date. Keep in mind to establish all the details about the date, so she won’t phone confused, asking whether the date is this weekend or in the one after that. In the latter case she might go to visit her grandparents in another town and fall for some guy living across the street from their house.

Use Common Friends to Your Advantage

If her best friend is a person you know from kindergarten, or you’re simply friends with some guys she also knows, try to talk with them so you might get a positive response from her. Don’t ask them to ask the question for you, and don’t suggest them to draw her a picture stating how great you two would look together, simply ask them to drop your name at the appropriate time during a discussion to convince her that you actually are the best person to try and go horseback riding with. If they are really magnetized and value your presence, they will know how to talk about you so it doesn’t look forced. After getting a positive welcome, inviting her on an exciting date with you will not seem so hard.

Do Not Make Her Feel as If You’re Invading Her Private Space

Before asking her to accept a date with you, keep in mind not to stay too close to her or touch her in an inappropriate way. Touching is allowed only if it is perceived as having a friendly nature, and not a sexual one. She needs time to adjust to the situation, so remember she is still a stranger to you and you to her. Give her time and space to reply to your invitation without letting her believe you’re too desperate, nervous or impatient.

Always Be Honest and Don’t Look at Her Like a Trophy

Handle the invitation in a confident way, but do not attempt to achieve that at the expense of honesty. Be sincere and ask her out in the most effortless way as possible. You shouldn’t look desperate, nor should you have the opposite attitude of giving her the impression that you could date any other girl. She’ll feel like the millionth girl on your list of conquests. Drop her signs that you’re really into her without exaggerating with your flirting. Let her know that you would simply love to get to know her and have fun on a very exciting date you have planned. Raise her interest by making her curious, yet maintain a friendly atmosphere, and avoid causing her too much anxiety regarding your plans for the date.

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