What Makes Japanese Girls so Attractive?

All women are uniquely attractive and fascinating in their own way, and there is no single ‘type’ of woman that is better than any other. However that said it is certainly true that some guys have preferences for certain types of women and some ‘types’ of women seem to be admired in particular by more men than others. One type of woman widely heralded as particularly attractive for instance is women from Japan, and there are many things that make them attractive to many men. This can frustrating or confusing for those who do not share the oriental looks of Japanese women and can leave them wondering just what it is that makes Japanese women so good looking. Here we’ll look at what it is that makes Japanese women attractive to many men. Of course if you’re Japanese yourself then this will all be old news to you, but a good boost for your self esteem nonetheless.


A lot of Japanese women are very enthusiastic and bubbly and this kind of cheerfulness is contagious. There’s also a rumour among men whether or not it holds any water that Japanese women are particularly ‘giving’ in the bedroom and that of course makes them attractive.


Japanese women are almost universally petite – that is very small and very slim which comes from their diet as well as their genetics. Of course it’s no surprise that a lot of guys like slim girls, but many guys also enjoy shorter women as it can make them feel taller and more manly as a result.


Japanese women have very smooth skin that is often either very pale or slightly tanned. Either is very attractive and contrasts their usually jet black hair perfectly. This is further impacted by the fact that Japanese women tend to go wrinkly at a later age meaning that they maintain their good looks.

Exotic Looks

Men who are not from Japan will likely find Japanese women’s looks exotic and different and this can make the sexual experience very exciting and different.


Japanese women are generally known to sport jet black hair which is highly attractive and as mentioned can contrast against their china-white skin. At the same time their hair is normally very straight and this is something that most guys appreciate.


It’s also a bit of a generalisation whether or not it’s true that Japanese women have particularly good fashion sense, and this of course means that they are better able to compliment their exotic and beautiful looks as well as their slim frame.


Again it’s a big generalisation, but many men believe that Japanese women are less impressed by looks and strength and more impressed by achievements and intelligence. This means that many ‘nerdy’ guys believe they have a better chance with Japanese women. Likewise there is a belief that Japanese women are impressed by Western men. It’s only natural to like people who we think will like us so it stands to reason these tastes would make them more attractive to a lot of Western men (even if they are incorrect assumptions).

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  1. I agree with Comment #1, I've been to Japan, TWICE. I won't argue with the fact that they're attractive cause they just are but I argue with the fact that most Japanese females have straight jet black hair cause most of the Japanese I've seen have brownish black hair and they're sometimes curly.

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