Health Benefits of Urotherapy

Urine, the word itself signifies filth and impurities. Since we were taught to pee properly, urine has been treated as something dirty and as an impure form of liquid, something that must go to gutter immediately. As toddlers, when mom told us to stand and pee, she could forget adding sugar to our milk but not cleaning our urine-stained clothes. After all they stink and dirty.

But what if someone tells you that the same secreted liquid can be used to cure a number of diseases, will you believe it? Let’s dig into the concept for a moment. Urotherapy (also called as uropathy or urinotherapy) refers to a number of application of urine for cosmetic or medicinal purposes, including applying it on one’s skin or even drinking it.

Practitioners believe that urine has some anti-cancer capabilities as human body may transfer some of the cancer cell antigens to the urine. The antigens can be re-introduced to our immune system to boost the antibodies production. In general, urine drinking is not an idiosyncratic or quirk behavior reserved only for the rich and demented. Some popular individuals use urine for a health purposes, for example Sarah Miles, a famous British actress, has been drinking her own urine for about 30 years and she claims that it can immunize her against allergies and other diseases. Madonna explained in the David Letterman’s show that she treated athlete’s feet by urinating on her own feet. Some baseball players urinate on their hands to treat calluses and allow them to play without using batting gloves. It’s natural to think that urine is both toxic and loaded with waste products. However, urine is not toxic. It is not a result of waste filtration; in fact, urine is simply the by-product of blood filtration. Urine is consisted of 95% water, 2.5% urea and the rest is a combination of salt, various mineral, enzymes and hormones. Many essential nutrients and chemicals end up in the urine and they reflect how a person’s body functions work. These nutrients and chemicals can be re-utilized as natural antiviral, antibacterial and even anti carcinogenic agents. Urine can also act as allergy reliever and hormone balancers.

It may take time to overcome the initial gag response, but you may eventually realize that if you’re searching for an easy cure, this could be an area you should investigate. Colitis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, hepatitis, cancer, pancreatic disorder, hyperactivity, eczema, psoriasis, mononucleosis, herpes, allergies, adrenal failures and many other health problems can be effectively treated using this therapy. Even so, for beginners, the therapy should be performed under the strict supervision of an experienced urotherapist. These are some precautions for those who plan to undergo urotherapy.

1. People taking therapeutic drugs and heavy smokers shouldn’t use their urine. Due to the presence of harmful microorganisms, people with venereal disease or bladder infections shouldn’t drink their own urine.

2. Before taken orally, urine shouldn’t be boiled or heated.

3. Only use morning urine, however the initial fluid should be discarded as it may contain some bacteria.

4. Side effects of urotherapy are rashes, itches, diarrhea, headache, soreness, fatigue, pain and sometimes fever. Side effects may be more severe when the person has certain diseases. To limit side effects, only small amount urine should be used initially.

Spices can make urine difficult to drink due to the resulting pungent odor and taste. Some practitioners also advise patients to stop consuming milk, while tobacco and alcohol must be reduced significantly or stopped, if possible. A healing crisis period may occur a few days after the treatment and it’s the sign that our body begins to purify itself. Common forms of crises are boils, pimples, loose stools weakness, fever and cough. When experiencing the symptoms, it is highly inadvisable to take medications to treat those symptoms. You shouldn’t interrupt the ongoing toxin elimination process.

These are a few examples of urotherapy implementation:


Try to collect the first urine of the day. To reduce the risk of bacteria exposure, catch the urine midstream 3 seconds after the discharge. Get a cotton ball and apply it to the affected skin area. You may treat it like a toner and leave it for about ten minutes and then rinse. There shouldn’t be any smell after the treatment. If you feel comfortable, you can wear it overnight. You may also age your urine for a few days and let it turns into a concentrated solution. Use a cotton swab to apply it to the area with acne scar.


Don’t start with large dose, start with a small amount until you can work your way up to one glass of urine each day to get the best health benefits, including treating arthritis. Collect the urine during the first bathroom visit of the day and catch it midstream after a few seconds of discharge. When treating arthritis, you should stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. You should also leave a small amount of urine for compress. Soak a piece of wool in urine and apply it to the affected area. Unlike wool, synthetic material or plant-based material (like cotton) can react with the urine and cause unpleasant odor. During the therapy, you should maintain an adequate personal cleanliness as poor hygiene may contaminate your urine.


As usual, you should take the first urine of the day. To limit the chance of contamination, you may wash the genital area first. Beginners may dilute the urine with half water and half urine, however, in one week they must be able to ingest a full glass of urine. You should leave a small amount of urine for external application. When treating psoriasis externally, you only need to use a few drops of urine or add them into your lotion. You may also soak a bandage with urine and wrap the affected area, to keep the bandage wet and touch the skin tightly; you may use a plastic wrap at the outside.

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  1. At first, I was doing it wrong and I broke out like I have NEVER before. On another site, I was told in about 14 days I'll see clearer skin. I'm currently on day 4 and I do see an improvement. But I keep getting new breakouts. The old ones are clearing up but new ones are coming in! I have never had my face break out to this point. For me, clean and clear would clear this up in a week. But I want to save the money. I'm going to finish the 2 weeks since I did see improvement. If it really works, I'm willing to commit and do this. Another down side is that urine from 3-4 days old works better, but it stinks worst! I've had some drip in my mouth and urine is salty. I'm willing to put it on my face for the benefits I believe it may have but to drink urine? Putting it on my face is as far as I'll go. Lol!

  2. In Tokyo 1970 I learned about urotherapy, since that time until now I do it every morning. Next October I'll be eighty years old without any serious disease.

  3. I practice urotherapy and can confirm that since I went steady, I have been free of the nuisance diseases and have not seen a doctor since.

  4. This information is extremely appreciated. I used this therapy in 2011 for about six months, yet I did not know the correct procedure. I was not ill at the time, only experimenting on myself. My brother recently reminded me of this therapy and I have started again using the proper methods from this website. Since 2011 I have encountered several health issues to deal with. I will continue with this therapy daily and be consistent. This time I will not stop the therapy. Thank you again. Blessings to you for your work!

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