Facial Swelling in Morning

Facial swelling in the morning is something that can be quite embarrassing and unpleasant and can also be quite alarming if you do not know the cause of it. Here we will look at what the causes of a swollen face in the morning might be, and how you can go about eradicating the effects.


The good news is that in most cases a swollen face does not signify any serious medical conditions. There are though many possible causes and these can include allergic reaction, insect bite, drug reaction or more. General swelling in the area can also be caused by trauma or injury to the face (perhaps caused by dental procedures etc). Infections can also cause swelling to the face, such as orbital cellulitis or angioedema. Orbital cellulitis can be dangerous and so should be checked by a medical professional. At the same time it is important to rule out kidney disease which can cause swelling in the face as well as other areas of the body. A lack of sodium (salt) in the diet may also lead to water retention.

None of these causes are time specific however, so why do you experience the swelling predominantly in the mornings? There are several possible explanations – one being that you are lying down throughout the night which enables the fluids to pool in the face rather than being drained by gravity when you are standing up. Another possible cause is that if the cause is allergy, that the allergy is to a detergent etc that you use on your bed sheets and pillow case.

What to Check

If the facial swelling does not go away check for pain around the area. If this is not caused by an injury then it might be the result of infection (also look for discoloration and other signs of infection such as lethargy and fever). You should also rule out the possibility of kidney disease so check for other symptoms such as swelling in the hands and feet and blood in your urine. If you are unsure then make certain that you visit a doctor.


If your facial swelling persists then there are some potential home remedies you can use to fix the problem.

Sleep More Upright: By propping yourself up with more pillows and cushions you can encourage the fluids to drain from your face during the night – just as you elevate your leg above heart level when you twist your ankle.

Decrease Your Intake of Salt: This will prevent fluid retention.

Check Your Medication: Ask your doctor or research online to find out whether the medication you are using could be causing facial puffiness and then ask if you can be changed to an alternative course. Sports supplements may also cause fluid retention such as creatine.

Use Diuretics: These can also help to prevent fluid retention. Caffeine is a very common diuretic, and drinking lots of water will also encourage you to keep flushing your system.

Change Your Detergent/Close the Window: If you suspect your swelling is caused by an allergy then try removing the allergen for instance by swapping to another detergent and noting any improvements.

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