13 Ways to Cheer Someone Up

It is a horrible feeling knowing that a friend, family member or partner is in a funk, and in fact ironically it can actually put us in a bad mood too. Helping someone out of a mood then is not necessarily an altruistic act alone, but might also be a way to make life easier for us and to generally create a better atmosphere – and it can make us feel good about ourselves too.

Here we will look at some of the ways that you can cheer someone up who has been feeling low or who has been in a bad mood. Different methods will work for different people and in different situations, so try a few out and see what works best in your current scenario.

Take Them Out

Often one of the best things you can do to improve someone’s mood is to take them out and get them to meet other people and spend time generally in good company. This works well because it helps them to keep their mind off of whatever it is that is bothering them, and because we all naturally enjoy the company of others. If your friend/family member is in a really low mood then often going out and seeing people will be the last thing they want to do, so it is up to you to encourage them otherwise and if necessary to force them out the door.

Put on Some Cheerful Music

When we’re in a bad mood often all we want to do is to wallow in it and that often means listening to depressing music that keeps us feeling down. This of course is a mistake and you’re much better off listening to something cheerful, up-tempo and light-hearted. If you have a friend who is feeling low, then subject them to some pop and you should see their mood start to improve (it’s hard to feel down when you’re dancing to night fever).

Watch a Funny Film

Laughter is generally a great medicine for a bad mood though or for a time when something has gone wrong. So put on a funny film and you can take them out of themselves and get them giggling.

Make a Joke of the Situation

It’s possible to laugh at even the most bleak of situations, and when someone makes you do so it can often help you to realise that other people go through what you’re going through and that life isn’t all bad. Often people avoid the subject that is making their friend or loved one feel depressed, but in not mentioning it you can actually make it seem more serious. Don’t be insensitive, but treating the problem normally with a bit of joking can actually often do a world of good.

Cook Some Food

Often a nice meal can help to cheer us up and particularly if it’s great comfort food, or if it’s high in sugar and dopamine.

Give Them a Hug

Sometimes just feeling loved and knowing someone cares can make a situation feel much better. A warm hug then is one of the best ways to improve someone’s mood in many cases and to help them feel better.

Give Them a Job

If they just need their mind taking off of the matter, then giving the person a book to read, or a puzzle to complete can do just that. Put them to good use in a task that will stop them thinking about other more depressing things.

Spend Time With an Animal

My Dad died when I was nine and for the first couple of weeks I was inconsolable. Nothing would get me off of the couch until my Granddad took me outside to watch my rabbit jumping around the garden which immediately lifted my spirits and helped me to smile for the first time. Animals are so unaware and so naturally happy that they can’t help but make us smile.

Give Them a Gift

We all love to be given a nice gift and while it can’t get us out of every bad mood, it can often help to at least add some good news to the mix as well as the bad. If you surprise them with something nice too then it will be a sign that you’re thinking of them and they’re sure to be very touched.

Goof Around

Just goofing around, whether it’s inventing a fun game, doing a dance for them or putting a frying pan on your head can often help to lift spirits and improve moods.

Tease Them

If their mood is disproportionate to the situation then gently pointing out how silly they’re being with a bit of gently jesting can actually be a very effective way to cool them off and to get them to crack a smile.

Console and Talk

Sometimes just talking through the problem can help a lot. If it’s something that can be fixed, or if there’s a positive spin you can put on it, then getting the other person to see it that way can be a great help in some cases.

Look Forward

When something bad has happened it can feel like we’ve got nothing left. Make sure your friend or partner doesn’t feel this way by talking about some of the fun things you have to look forward to in the future whether that’s a holiday or a great night out.

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