How Sun Can Be a Bad Thing – And What You Can Do About It

Most of us consider the sun to be a good thing – we love the idea of sitting outside and basking in it/having barbeques with friends; it’s good for our skin and it can really lift our spirits when we’re having a lousy day.

But unfortunately sun isn’t entirely good news, it can also be a negative in a number of ways. In fact, often we will spend all of winter wishing for some more sun, but then find it’s actually quite a nuisance when it does arrive.

What am I talking about? Well read on and see if any of these problems sounds familiar. If they do, then you’ll be pleased to know I’m also going to look into some possible solutions for each of them so that you can go back to loving the sunshine again…


The first and most obvious way in which the sun can be bad news is its tendency to burn your skin and increase your chances of cancer when you spend too long in it. Too much of a good thing really can be a problem here and it’s important that you enjoy the sun responsibly if you don’t want to end up with leathery skin and a shortened lifespan.

Fortunately there are many ways you can protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Wearing sunblock is one, and if you’re female then wearing a bit of makeup with sunblock built in is a great way to protect yourself subtly. Other tips are to wear hats and cover up in other ways, to take breaks from sun exposure, and to eat plenty of antioxidants which will undo some of the damage.


Another problem with the sun is that it can be awfully bright making it hard to see at times and even causing eye strain. Wearing shades is an obvious solution to this problem when we’re out and about (and you should never look directly at the sun), but if you’re just sitting in your home it can be highly annoying to be unable to watch TV or even read a book because the glare is so great. If you’re like me you’ll end up shutting the curtains and then just feel miserable that it’s so nice and warm outside and you’re wasting it…

The solution is to come up with a way to block light from outside that won’t make the room completely pitch black. For instance, you can accomplish this using blinds or net curtains, or alternatively by using a window tint to alter some of the wavelength coming in from outside. This solution will allow you to survey your surroundings and enjoy the brightness without being blinded by it. You should also of course organize your rooms so that the TV and computers aren’t likely to get too much glare.


The sun can bleach colour and turn everything white. That means your hair might go blonder but for most of us this isn’t a problem. What is a problem though is that it can bleach all the colour out of your carpet when it comes in through the window which can result in a blotchy looking pattern. The solution here is to either use blinds or a window tint again. If you have nice pictures likewise or other valuable art then you should make sure that it is protected behind a screen so that it won’t be affected.

Heat and Dryness

Another obvious problem with the sun is that it makes everything boiling hot. If you want to chill in your room, or if you need to be a passenger in the car, then this can make you rather uncomfortable. The solution of course is to use air conditioning or at least to invest in a fan so that you can enjoy typing away or reading without sweating all over everything. You should also make sure to drink plenty of water when you’re in the sun for a long time to avoid dehydration.

Pressure to Be Outside

The sun should be liberating because it means you can hang out outside and go wherever you want rather than hiding from the rain and cold indoors. In reality though, it can actually sometimes have the precise opposite effect as you end up feeling that you have to go outside to make the most of it. People will judge you for staying indoors and you’ll feel like you’re ‘missing out’ if you’re trapped in working. The solution is to make the most of it when you can so that you feel you’ve earned the right to chill the rest of the time and to find ways to make yourself less claustrophobic working indoors. That might mean increasing the light that gets into your room or taking a few minutes every now and then to go for a stroll.

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