How to Avoid Looking ‘Short and Stout’

No guy wants to be ‘skinny’ and few girls want to look too much like a tall bean pole but that’s not to say that anyone wants to look ‘stout’ either (with the potential exception of teapots). If you are short and stocky however, you will find yourself at risk of that – of looking as though you’re an image that has been stretched along the X axis in paint. If that sounds like you, there are certain precautions you should take and a number of techniques you can use to make you look slimmer and taller. Here are some of the most effective that you can start using right now…

Wear Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes work wonders because they draw the eye naturally up and down the body thus creating the illusion of height. Horizontal stripes do the precise opposite making you look wider, so use them sparingly.

Wear Glasses

If you need glasses then you’ll probably see this as a curse 90% of the time. However if you’re afraid of looking too wide, they can actually be a blessing as glasses will immediately make your face look slimmer and longer. This is one situation then where you might want to lose the contacts and revert back to good old fashioned specs.

Slim Down Your Neck

As a 5’8′ bodybuilder, looking short and stout is something I’m constantly battling against. However, I find that the times people tend to comment that I look ‘stocky’ are not necessarily the times that I am actually at my bulkiest. The reason for this is that they will focus almost entirely on the look of my neck and face, with my arms and pecs having little impact on the way people judge my shape unconsciously. If you want to make yourself appear slimmer again then, and if you can, the neck and traps area are the parts you should aim to decrease.

Use Height-Boosting Insoles

This may be ‘cheating’, but it’s nevertheless a very effective way to make yourself look taller and to boost your confidence and status at the same time. You can buy these insoles online through eBay and various other sites, and once you’ve slipped them in your shoes you’ll find you get an instant 1-3 inch boost in height – easy.

Change Your Stance

An even easier way to boost your height and your impression of height, is to change the way you stand and sit. If you have a tendency to slouch or slump your shoulders then this will make you look shorter and more bunched up, so practice improving your posture and you’ll find that it also improves your health.


Your hair can have a huge impact on the look of your face and make it look much narrower or much wider. Work with your hair stylist to find a look that works well for your frame and your face shape. If you’re male then consider gelling your hair into spikes to give yourself a little added height, and if you’re female then try wearing it up in order to expose your neck and thus add more slim vertical lines.

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