Will Building Muscles Really Help You Get Women?

There are lots of reasons to start working out and getting into shape and all of these can be huge driving factors in bringing about change in a person’s routine, goals and habits. No matter what the motivation is in fact, if it’s encouraging you to eat better and get more exercise, then it’s a good thing overall.

One of the most common reasons guys in particular will get into shape though, is to try and attract women. And while they should be celebrated for getting into shape for any reason, they might still be wondering whether or not this strategy is going to actually work. So let’s find out… will building muscle really help you to get women?

Do Women Like Muscle?

The idea that going to the gym more will help you to attract women is obviously predicated on the idea that women actually like muscle. Is this true?

Well the research differs on this question. In this study for instance, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, it was found that men believe women like them to be highly muscular, but in reality women prefer more ‘normal men’ without excess muscle.

On the other hand, a review by the UCLA found that women were in fact more attracted to muscular guys. They looked at six separate studies and found that women preferred muscular men particularly when just looking for ‘a bit of fun’. Apparently muscular guys have twice as many partners as those without added muscle.

So who do you believe? Well really you don’t need a study to tell you the answer here: we all know that a muscular body is a sign of health and strength, and we all also know that both these things are considered attractive by women. It therefore stands to reason that women will probably find more muscular men to be more attractive.

At the same time though, you also need to take into account the individual differences at play here which can be dictated by experience, personal preference, what they’re looking for and even hormones.

So Should You Get Buff?

The real question you might be looking to answer is whether or not it’s worth getting into shape in order to try and be more successful with the ladies. Is it worth the hours spent in the gym?

Well while you might manage to take yourself from a 6 to a 7.5, the answer is probably still no if you’re only doing it to get women.

And the answer for this is that it’s probably not being a ‘6’ that’s causing you problems in the first place and there are a hundred other ways to make yourself more attractive to women that will be more effective.

More likely, if you’re currently unhappy with your performance when it comes to flirting, you would be better served by concentrating on your confidence and on approaching more women in the first place. Women generally find confidence more of an attractive quality than muscles – and if you’re a hulk who’s too shy to speak to girls then that’s not going to do you many favours…

In fact, if you are looking to get buff as the answer to your dating woes, this can be considered almost as a form of procrastination: it’s like knowing that you need to do work on your final year project but putting it off by tidying your room instead because that’s the lesser of two evils.

More to the point, getting into amazing shape is really hard work and requires lots of dedication. If you’re only doing it to try and meet women, then chances are that you won’t get the immediate results you’re looking for and you’ll end up giving up as a result. Far more effective would be to concentrate on learning to approach women, to dress well and to develop your confidence.

The Right Path

A nice bonus of getting into shape is that it will actually help improve your confidence, which can have the handy side effect of making you more attractive and better at flirting. Working out certainly won’t hurt your chances of meeting women, and it will bring about a huge range of other benefits too (such as clearer skin and better memory). But it’s not a magic cure for your dating woes, and it’s most effective when utilised alongside an all-over lifestyle overhaul. Get into shape for you, not for the opposite sex, build your confidence and let it happen…

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