Top Tools That Make Eating Healthier Easier

Everyone wants to be healthier but unfortunately it’s somewhat easier said than done. The sad fact of the matter is that being unhealthy is much more tempting – especially if you are always on the go and overworked.

If you work between 9-5 and have an active life in the evenings, then you will find that you rarely have the time or the energy in order to cook yourself a nutritious meal. Likewise, some people will face a number of other obstacles to eating healthily depending on their lifestyle. Perhaps you live in a house-share with a tiny kitchen and no room in your freezer? Or maybe you are broke and can’t afford to buy fruit that keeps going off?

These are all legitimate problems and they can make ‘eating healthily’ a much bigger challenge than it really should be.

Fortunately, there are also a number of things you can do to get around these problems. More specifically, there are a number of highly useful tools and pieces of equipment you can invest in that will make it easier for you to quickly cook up meals and to manage what you eat. Here we will look at a few that can transform your routine and drastically upgrade your diet.


A blender can be incredibly useful for making smoothie or soup. These meals have two huge benefits – a) they are packed with nutrients on both counts and b) they are easy to store and keep for days. If you have a busy week ahead, you can make yourself some soup and eat it two or three nights. Smoothies meanwhile can give you a great shot of energy and vitamins before you start your day.

The main problem with blenders is that they take a long time to clean. There are two solutions to this. One is to use the advice above and to make one smoothie/soup that you then store in Tupperware for the remaining week. Another is to look into getting yourself a ‘NutriBullet’. These are a popular brand of blender that have the advantage of having a removable top that becomes a bottle for carrying your smoothie with you. There’s no clean up and you can detach your ready-to-go smoothie as soon as you’ve made it!

Plastic Containers

Speaking of Tupperware… get some of that! This will allow you to do some meal prepping and to prepare meals at the start of the week that you can subsequently prepare in a few minutes when you’re pressed for time.

Small Fridge/Freezer

If you do indeed live in a crowded house-share with no space to store prepared meals, then you should look into getting a small fridge or freezer you can keep in your room. These aren’t overly expensive but they give you the space you need to keep your meals ready to go.


Scales for cooking are a very useful tool, especially if you’re measuring out precise quantities. If you are counting calories, then measuring out precise quantities is a must and this is the only way you can know with any kind of accuracy how many calories you’re getting from your cereal in the morning for instance. Get some scales out and place your bowl or plate on the scales before setting it zero, then add each element, setting it back to zero each time and you can ensure you’re eating the right quantities without creating extra washing up for yourself.

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers can be an absolute godsend when you’re pushed for time in the evenings because they let you prepare food in the morning when you have more energy.

Slow cookers work by cooking on a very low heat, which means they can be used safely while you’re out at work/collecting the kids. At the same time, they operate on a timer which means you can tell them to come on just at the point when they need to to have dinner ready on time.

Ultimately, this all means that you can get home and find you have a meal cooked and ready for you!

Multi-Tier Steamer Pan

A steamer pan is a pan that collects the steam from boiling water and uses it to cook your food. It’s a very good way to cook vegetables, fish and even chicken that keeps the nutritional value locked and doesn’t add any extra calories via fat etc. Multi-tier steamers are even better because they let you prepare multiple parts of your dinner simultaneously. Simply add some chicken, rice and vegetables to the various tiers and let them all steam at once!

Huge Pans

Finally, getting a huge pan can also be very useful. A huge pan will basically give you the ability to cook up giant meals which again is crucial for your meal prepping activities. Make some bolognaise in a pan that’s fit for 10 people and you’ll be able to make 10 nights’ worth of food in a single sitting.

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