How to Use Power Twisters to Build Strength

If you’re looking for a device you can use to build strength anywhere, then you may want to consider investing in a ‘power twister’. Power twisters are a relatively unknown training instrument that nevertheless have a number of impressive benefits and advantages. They’re also one of the best tools out there for building actual functional strength.

Too Many Tools!

There are countless tools and appliances out there that you can use to build strength and power – or at least that claim to help you do that. Often these are backed by expensive marketing campaigns, which leads to them attaining a ‘fad status’ and becoming incredibly popular. One key example is the kettlebell, while another is the ‘Indian Club’. Then there’s TRX which is essentially a more expensive alternative to gymnastic rings.

Some of these devices are useful, some aren’t. Kettlebells are great. Indian Clubs are naff (you can use a chair to do the exact same thing). TRX is badly overpriced.

Power twisters? They’re awesome! And they’re all the better for it because no one is trying to force you to pay over the odds for them…

What Is a Power Twister?

Essentially, a power twister is a long pole that has a powerful spring in it and a handle on either end. You grab the pole at either end and then apply force using your pecs in order to bend it down the middle. That’s one repetition.

In this regard, a power twister is fairly similar to a grip trainer or even a resistance band. Where it differs though is in the sheer amount of resistance that it’s capable of offering. In some cases, a power twister can provide 100kg or more of resistance, while lighter models start much lower at 40kg.

This is good for anyone who is serious about building muscle because it means that you’re actually working hard enough to trigger microtears. Resistance bands are often just too light to really provide any challenge and the result is that it’s hard to build any real muscle.

The power twister can be used to perform reps as you would lift weights, but it’s also great for an isometric workout: just hold the bar in place until your muscles fatigue.

Why Use a Power Twister?

The big benefit of the power twister is the light, portable nature which means you can pack it in a bag and get a 100kg chest workout on the move. This also makes the power twister particularly easy to pick up and use. There’s no need to lift heavy weights into position and no risk of injury. If you keep one around the house, then you can easily pick it up to perform a few reps or a static hold and you can see the results of this continuous ‘incidental’ training when you hit the gym.

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