How to Look More Ripped Instantly – Cut the Sodium!

How would you like to look more ripped instantly? Maybe get some veins popping on those abs?

It sounds like the kind of promise you’d see on a cheap advert but in fact there is a way that this is possible. Make the right moves and you can actually look a little leaner and a little more cut by tomorrow morning.

How does this work? It’s all to do with water retention.

What Is Water Retention?

To look ripped and cut, you need to make sure there is as little as possible between your skin and the muscle underneath. That means burning fat in order to get that ‘shrink wrapped’ look but it also means getting rid of some of the water that sits there.

And in fact this is something that bodybuilders will always do before a competition – attempting to dehydrate themselves in order to look as ripped as possible before they go on stage.

However, you don’t do this the way you might expect to.

The body has a natural way of storing water along with ions in the body. Ions are charged particles inside the body which include electrolytes like potassium and sodium. This is then what contributes to the appearance of ‘subcutaneous fluid’, which is the proper name for that water. If you’re having difficulty getting your lower abs to show in particular, then likely this is the culprit.

So how do you go about getting rid of that fluid and looking leaner?

#1 Drink More Water

The first way to remove that water retention is to drink more water. This may sound surprising seeing as it’s water that you’re trying to get rid of but the key here is to understand why your body stores water in the first place. If you aren’t drinking enough water, your body will store fluid as a kind of reserve. If you drink more water, then you’ll flush out your kidneys and digestive system and actually end up storing less.

#2 Then Flush it Out

In the long term, drinking more water keeps you leaner by helping you to flush your system regularly and avoid retention.

However, if you were a bodybuilder about to go on stage tomorrow morning, you might well attempt to dehydrate the old-fashioned way the night before in order to look ripped. This isn’t something that you should do in your daily life – unless maybe you’re an actor about a film a topless scene. That said, you may notice that after a night of drinking alcohol, you actually look more ripped the next day.

Again, not something you want to be doing regularly. However, having a lot of coffee, which is also a diuretic, can potentially help you to look leaner on specific occasions as well.

#3 Consume Fiber

Another way that you can flush your system is to eat more fiber, which also improves the function of your kidneys and digestive system. The more fiber you consume, the more fluid will pass through your system. This is actually something that even a lot of bodybuilders miss out on!

#4 Reduce Sodium

Along with water, the other most important thing to change about your diet is to reduce sodium. If you’re eating a ton of salt, then your body will store more water along with it. That’s why some serious bodybuilders will go as far as to completely avoid any salty foods like chips and ready meals. Seeing as those are empty calories anyway, you should probably do the same.

That said, you mustn’t try and avoid all salt. Not only is that nigh impossible but it would also be very unhealthy if you were to succeed!

#5 Sweat

Another way to get rid of stored water is to sweat. The more you sweat, the more you release the very water retained underneath your skin. Notice how your skin tastes salty? That’s because you’re expelling sodium as well!

A Word of Warning

Note that this article is mainly here for interest. And if you’re someone who is struggling to see any results from a strict diet, then you may want to consider using some of these techniques to reduce water weight. You could also arguably drink a bit more water and avoid salt before a hot date, if you wanted to look your very best.

But just be careful when purposefully trying to dehydrate your body for that shrink-wrapped look. You actually need electrolytes and water and drinking too much water while avoiding salt can actually be dangerous if you go overboard. Use some common sense and proceed with caution!

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