5 Sensual, Yet Tasteful Love Letter Templates


Last night I had a beautiful dream. I was lost in a fog. I was wandering around, searching for something, only I didn’t know what it was exactly that I was searching for. Every face I saw was strange. Then at my darkest and loneliest moment I saw your face. You smiled at me, extended your hand and then we flew up together over the clouds and straight up towards the sun and the stars – twirling around and around – like two angels caught in a cosmic embrace. We were so happy.

Then I woke up and realized that this was no dream. I had been presented with the truth about you. Please take me up, my fiery angel, my beloved_________(insert name of lover). Wherever you go, please take me with you. Please stay by my side and make me complete. My eyes need to see what you see, my ears hear what you hear and my soul feel what you feel…

Please tell me how you feel…

May the angels tuck you in at night…


My dearest_________,

I want you here with me, if only for one night. I live day to day thinking of you.

Why do I catch my breath whenever you speak? Every time I think of you I can feel the butterflies fluttering inside me. My heart breaks just to be around you. I love the way you talk, and the way you smell and that gorgeous smile.

When I fall asleep I dream that you’re next to me. I dream of you running your hands through my hair, down my back, and over every part of my body. I want to feel every inch of you with my fingers. I imagine kissing you all over your body. Whispering in your ear how badly I want you. I want you to hold me and I want to hear your voice. I imagine being pressed against your chest. I would want you making me feel like part of you… and every time we touch; we would feel like we were the only two people in the world. As we lay there I would beg you to make love to me over and over.

I want you now!



Know that wherever you are and wherever you go that you’ll always be in my thoughts. Know that I am with you always.

Each day I look at your_________(photo or online profile) and I will meditate on strengthening our connection. Each minute that I am standing alone, standing in line or strolling by myself in the park, I will recite your name to the rhythm of the beating of my heart. Your name will be my mantra and we will be tantric, even though you are far away.

Every night, when I close my eyes, I will lie down and picture your face. I will imagine your arms around me and our bodies entwined in a tight love embrace. Then I will pray to the heavens above, that every day, you receive blessings and grace.

Although I may feel lost and alone inside, I will greet every stranger I meet with the same smile I would give to you. I will treat them with the same kindness, compassion and understanding that you taught me to receive from you. This is one way I can maintain the memory of the magic that is you.

Know that I am with you yesterday and tomorrow and every day for the rest of your life. Whether near or far, I am with you – always.




Do you know how much I worship and adore you? The other day my appreciation became so strong that I actually considered what I would do if I was asked to build an altar to you.

The first thing I would do is drape the altar with a silk or satin in (his or her favorite color). Then I would place my favorite picture of you, which is the one where_________(describe your favorite picture of your lover). I would then decorate it with_________(name the person’s favorite flower) and sprinkle it with_________(name the person’s favorite perfume). I would then light a single_________candle (name your lover’s favorite kind of candle) and pray by the light of the quivering flame that our passion for each other burn forever.

I yearn for you, I burn for you and I swear I would practically sell my soul to be with you. Just name your price honey. But remember, my love for you is free!

With total love and devotion,



When I talk to you, it makes my heart beat faster. It is because you are such as sexy_________(beast or creature). You just exude a je ne sais quois… a special sexuality. You have a quality that is like some feelings not quite describable.

You overwhelm me and I feel drunk with desire in your presence. I feel your presence everywhere. I smell your sweet scent for hours after we meet. Your words echo in my ears, and your laugh sometimes is the only thing that reminds me that you are actually human and not some sex_________(god or goddess) sent from above to taunt me. I am not usually a lustful person, but by god, whenever I see you I feel these urges that require immediate gratification.

My desire burns as hotly for you as the sun. I am sure I will desire you for as long as the sun keeps shining the winds keep blowing, the snow keeps falling, and the flowers keep blossoming every Spring.

Yours always,


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