How to Cure Snoring and Snorting

Snoring and snorting are often the common problems which anyone can have while asleep. These are usually caused by blockage in the air passage in the throat. This condition poses a problem to the health of a person if left untreated. Most medical practitioners have come up with different methods to prevent and cure these sleep problems.

• One of the highly recommended ways is to lose weight by having a well balanced diet combined with regular exercise. Avoiding smoking and too much alcohol is also advised.

• Making a habit of eating a light dinner would help prevent snoring as well. There are also stop snoring exercises and herbal diets which are effective to prevent and cure snoring.

• There are products to prevent snoring and these are considered as temporary cures until the snoring is fully stopped. Doctors may recommend the use of nasal sprays or nasal strips and other nasal breathing products to prevent snoring. These products help the person breath through the nose and not through the mouth. Thus, making snorting sounds from heavy snoring would be prevented.

• There are also mouth pieces that prevent the tongue from blocking the air passage in the mouth and throat. These are usually recommended by dentists who would do some medical check-up on the person.

• Then, there are the prescribed medicines which would help prevent snoring. These prescribed medicines are Nasonex and Loratadine 10 mg which are both good to open up nasal air passages to stop snoring and snorting while asleep.

• The sleeping habits of the person should also be changed for the better if these habits are causes of the snoring and snorting problems. A supportive pillow can be used to properly position the neck for a good sleeping position. It would also be better if the person makes it a habit to sleep sideways as well as sleeping on the stomach to prevent snoring.

• Some doctors recommend doing some steaming before sleeping. Steaming helps clear the nasal and throat passages so the breathing pattern is just right enough to prevent snoring.

• The use of a humidifier especially during the hot season is recommended to have enough moisture in the bedroom. The moisture would eventually make a relaxing way to sleep and prevent snoring as well.

People with more severe cases of snoring and snorting may as well have a full medical check-up with the doctor. A severe case is usually known as sleep apnea which can be a danger to one’s health. This condition is often described as snoring heavily with some gasping for breath in between or normal breathing stops for a few seconds, but then breathing goes normal again due to the person suddenly awaking due to snorting sounds made or sudden movements in the sleeping position.

The last resort to eventually cure snoring and snorting is thru some medical procedures where excess tissue in the throat would have to be taken out. This can be done through medical surgery or laser surgery.


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