Fear of Surfaces Textures Phobia

People suffer from a number of phobias. There are a number of reasons as to why people might feel the sense of fear. People get scared of accidents, physical dangers, natural disasters and many more things. In such situations fear can be helpful as it triggers fight or flight, which pumps adrenaline and helps us prompt the defense mechanism to deal with the danger. However, there are many other situations where the fight or flight response gets triggered unnecessarily and people tend to become defensive and threatened even in situations where they do not need to feel the harm.

Many people have the fear of public speaking, facing job interviews, taking part in competitions, sports and from also attending social gatherings. Even though these situations do not have any physical threatening conditions yet the body reacts in a way that the body is under physical threat. Even though these fears seem to be irrational they are affected by a common cause, which is the thought. When you face a situation that you are unprepared to handle the thoughts, start moving in a direction that will force you to analyze the most horrible situations. There are mixed emotions of failure, embarrassment, fear of facing something drastic and many more feelings. As these thoughts cross your mind they raise a sense of fear in your body and the body consequently starts reacting in a way in which you are facing a physical danger.

When fear starts overpowering you, there are certain peculiar symptoms that become visible like tightening of the muscles especially in the back area, the neck and the shoulder. There will also be a sensation of nausea and vomiting and you might also feel tightness in the chest. There is a significant increase in the heartbeats and you will fall short of breath. There is also shakiness in the arms and legs and a feeling of fatigue.

Apart from physical symptoms you will also notice negative emotions like irritability, frustration, defensiveness, anger, sadness and also helplessness. Constantly, being in the condition of fear can lead to a number of health risks like insomnia, depression, weight loss or gain and also appetite changes. There can also be incidence of paranoia.

The best way to come out of this fear is to do positive talking that will help you calm yourself. In this way you can shift your thoughts from the fear and become more relaxed. Talk positive to yourself and say things like you can overcome the fear and things will work out. Try and sort out things and practice it over and over again to come out of the sensation of fear. When you change your thoughts the feeling of fear will automatically be overcome.

Another policy can be diverting your thoughts from that particular situation for some time and doing something that boosts your confidence. So that when you come back to the situation your confidence is boosted and you can carry out the task gracefully without any fear.

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