Benefits of Hand Sanitizers

The use of hand sanitizers has increased with time. Especially with more stress being paid on maintaining hygiene because of H1N1, there has been an increase in the awareness of the use of hand sanitizers. However, unless these sanitizers are used correctly they do not provide as much benefits as you think. The effectiveness of the product depends on the ingredients and how the sanitizer is applied. Here are three points that you should keep in mind while buying and using the hand sanitizers.

The ethyl alcohol that is found in the hand sanitizers is proven to be an excellent germ killer. However, just the presence of alcohol in the hand sanitizer is not enough. According to studies the product should have at least 60 percent alcohol, which claims to kill most of the germs. It has been researched that products containing 40 percent alcohol when applied as sanitizers leaves about 50 percent of germs behind. Make sure that when you apply the hand sanitizer; you cover the entire hand and the back of your palm and the wrists. Missing out on a single spot can leave behind a lot of germs. Apply the sanitizer in the nooks of hand and between the fingers so that you are sure to have covered all the areas.

Another point that needs to be taken into consideration is that if you are wearing rings on your fingers then you need to take them off while applying the sanitizer. Rings are a favorite hiding spot for germs. Hand sanitizer do not damage gold jewelry, but if you are wearing imitation then it is important that you use soap and water for washing your hand, as they can react with the ingredients of the sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers are available in potable carrying devices that are easy to carry and you can take them along anywhere you go. It contains alcohol and other agents that are good for killing germs that can easily be transmitted. Maintaining clean hands is very important to prevent the spread of germs. Whenever you buy hand sanitizers make sure that the content of ethyl alcohol is more than 60 percent for the sanitizer to be effective. It has been shown that families that use hand sanitizers are less likely to spread germs and fall sick.

It has also been shown that people using hand sanitizers show slower redevelopment of bacteria. They slow the growth of bacteria on the hand when used correctly. However, it may not be effective in preventing all types of germs, as some of the viruses spread through inhalation of the nasal droplets of another infected person. The use of hand sanitizers in schools definitely have shown to reduce the spreading of illnesses and have boosted the school attendance. Making use of these sanitizers is effective and they work in a quicker way and have a longer action.

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