Excuses to Get Out of Gym Class

The value of exercise for keeping your body healthy is now an established fact of life. Countless studies have been conducted to prove this beyond any doubt. But when the gym class teacher is a complete tyrant forcing you into performing strenuous physical activities, the situation changes a lot.

There are plenty of kids out there who share your complete loathe for gym class, and many of them gather lots of unsuccessful attempts of getting out of physical education. If you don’t want to be on that list and actually come up with a good excuse to get out of gym class, read on as you’ll most likely find the perfect way of tricking your teacher into thinking that you actually have an adequate reason for skipping those nasty pushups.

Excuses You May Try to Get Out of Gym Class

Kids are quite inventive these days when it comes to providing excuses in order to skip a certain class they don’t like, and whilst some are quite common and work in many cases, others are far more imaginative and may give you increased chances of having the teacher believe in your motifs. The following excuses include both categories, and whilst some may be incompatible with your own resources, there’s got to be a couple of them you can use in your own advantage. Never attempt to use a scenario you’re not prepared to act since you’ll give plenty of reasons to your teacher to believe you’re perfectly fit for attending gym class.

The Twisted Ankle

If this excuse appeals to you, remember the fact that you’ll have to fake this defect all day long as no one will believe you if you start limping right as you enter gym class. Tell everyone you twisted your ankle as you were heading to school and fake a serious and pained expression as you’re speaking to your teacher about the risks of performing physical activities whilst your ankle hurts. In the best case scenario, you’ll actually be praised for showing up at school although your leg is in dear pain.

The Fake Cast

If you want to mimic a broken arm, you’ll need a cast to back up your statements. Make one out of paper-mache and complain to your teacher about your broken arm and your inability to attend gym class. Do note that your teacher may request a doctor’s note for that, and in case that happens, you will get busted unless you can procure one from that pediatrician of yours that completely adores you.

The Shocking Nosebleed

Faking a nosebleed is easy as long as you don’t intend to use ketchup for mimicking real blood. You can purchase fake blood online or from party stores, or you may also use red ink as these look far more real than ketchup or paint. Right before gym class, sneak into the bathroom and carefully apply the fake blood to make it look like a real nosebleed. Then head to the teacher and show your nosebleed to your teacher whilst asking to go to the nurse. Once you’re there, ask for a tissue and lie with your head back for the rest of the class. In case someone asks why you need a whole hour to recover from a nosebleed, just say your vitamin K deficient and the nosebleeds you usually have are really, really serious.

Say You Have a Migraine

To make this excuse work, you’ll need to fake a pained expression whilst holding your head and let your teacher know how awful your head hurts. Strengthen your affirmation by saying you get the same types of migraines as your mom gets, and that it won’t pass unless you take a specific painkiller. Ask permission to see the nurse and sit in her office for the whole gym class whilst holding your head.

Ask to Go to the Counselor

Before gym class starts, mimic a grave expression whilst telling your teacher that you’re having a hard time with another person and that you need to discuss it with a counselor. Drop a tear if you must, or better yet, rub your eyes a bit to make them look red and watery. Avoid letting a smile slip or making a goofy face because otherwise you will get caught with this lie.

Period Time

Sorry boys, this excuse is only meant for the girls! Let your teacher know that you’re in that time of the month and that you’re experiencing severe menstrual cramps. He or she will let you sit on the bench for the entire class. You can use this excuse only once a month otherwise your teacher will know you’re lying.

Forgotten Gym Class Equipment

Show up in class in an outfit that cannot be used whilst performing physical activities and tell your teacher you forgot to take your gym class clothing with you. This excuse doesn’t work in all cases as the teacher may provide you with spare gym clothing. If that’s the case, talk about the many diseases you may get from wearing equipment that someone else has worn.

The Fake Phone Call

If you’re good at imitating voices, you can make a phone call to your school pretending to be your mom/dad or another relative, and call yourself out for the entire day or only for the duration of the gym class. If you cannot fake a grownup voice, ask a friend to do it for you. Invent an excuse such as being required to go home to let your little brother in as he doesn’t have the key for the house, talk about an urgent appointment you can’t miss etc. Be prepared to give details in case the school representatives ask, and make sure you aren’t going to burst into laughter or sound funny all of a sudden. Also do note the fact that they might try to reach your parents later on the phone to confirm their call.

The Cool Cousin

If you have a cool cousin or an uncle that may help you with getting out of gym class, ask their help and figure out an excuse together as to why would they show up at your school telling your teacher that they require your presence during gym class. Maybe they’re usually out of the country and they’re only in town for a couple of hours or they need to accompany you to the ophthalmologist.

Whatever excuse you decide to use, remember to always stick to your story and never back down or else you might be forced into attending gym class, get an F and receive detention, all at once.

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