Oxavar 101

Oxavar is sometimes referred to as the ‘legal steroid’ – a potent testosterone booster (T-booster as they call them on the bodybuilding forums) that is strong enough to mimic the work of anabolic steroids and allegedly without the side effects. Here we will look at whether that really is the case, what precisely Oxavar is, and whether or not you should use it.

Many bodybuilders have toyed with the idea of using steroids as a way to increase their gains and to quickly get bigger muscles, bulging veins and more drive and energy in the gym. However the smart bodybuilders will have decided against this and will have decided instead to stay ‘natural’ as they lift their weights and to grow at a steadier but safer pace. There are many very good reasons not to use steroids. The first and foremost is that steroids are illegal unless they are prescribed for a medical condition and this makes it very difficult to use them without getting into trouble. If you like the idea of keeping secrets from your family and friends and having to buy from very untrustworthy sources in equally dodgy locations then steroids are for you. At the same time the way that steroids work mean that there are a lot of negative side effects you can face as a bodybuilder. This is why something like ‘Oxavar’ would be a highly useful product if it worked – a substance that mimicked the useful aspects of steroids without the same damaging side effects.

What Are Steroids?

The steroids that bodybuilders use are ‘anabolic steroids’ which are distinct from the steroids used to treat allergies for instance in that they are designed to mimic the anabolic hormones such as testosterone. By definition steroids are synthetic hormones designed to copy the effects of real hormones. In the case of testosterone this has the effect of causing the body to produce more muscle and to burn more fat. The presence of testosterone is partly what makes men more muscular than women, and so by taking extra testosterone it is possible for men to become bigger and stronger (and women as well).

However the problem with taking synthetic testosterone is that it’s not real testosterone. First and foremost this results in the body experiencing many of the effects that you would get from a testosterone overdoes – such as acne and temper tantrums (what’s known as roid rage). This can also increase heart rate and as a result contribute to heart attacks, and in some cases it can cause male pattern baldness. At the same time the excess amount of synthetic testosterone can sometimes have the effect of causing the body to produce less testosterone of its own (in order to bring the levels back down to normal) and of producing more estrogen, or the female hormone, which can result in the development of breasts in extreme cases.


Oxavar meanwhile is a testosterone booster. This means that it works in such a way as to encourage the body to produce its own testosterone in greater quantities which in turn means that you build more muscle and burn more fat – but that you don’t start producing more estrogen. That’s because it’s the body’s own testosterone and there is nothing unusual in the system hormone wise.

However there are lots of testosterone boosters out there, and they don’t claim to be legal steroids, so what makes Oxavar different? Well essentially Oxavar is steroidal in that what you are consuming is still synthetic. Normally testosterone boosters are just plant extracts and minerals such as zinc and magnesium that gently encourage a bit more testosterone naturally – there’s nothing there you couldn’t get from your diet.

However with Oxavar what you get is 17a-methyl-3-oxo-19-norandrostene-4.17-diol. Sounds delicious right? This then means that in some ways it could be considered a steroid – but it’s not illegal because it’s not a fake hormone.

At the same time Oxavar is more powerful than those things and actually more likely to cause the body to produce more testosterone even if you are younger. At the same time it’s ‘non-aromatizing’ meaning your body shouldn’t stop producing its own testosterone. The makers even claim that the product is ’10X more powerful than steroids’. It also claims to be completely side effect free.

The Verdict

The reality of Oxavar is of course that it’s not 10X more powerful – of course if it was then everyone would be using it. At the same time it’s not really as powerful as steroids either. However it is more powerful than most supplements and most people who have used it do describe some muscle gain and hardness along with cuts, while another benefit some report may also be soothed joints.

The downside though is that many people also report mood swings and in some cases low moods during ‘cycles’ or crashes when they stop. The hormones that regulate our mood and energy levels are highly complex and there is a delicate balance and interplay between them – this isn’t something that anyone should experiment with unless they really know what they are doing.

In short, Oxavar is a lot more powerful than a ‘prohormone’ (it’s a ‘prosteroid’ technically) and will give you some ‘gains’. However it will also mean experimenting with your hormones and you might find yourself feeling down and listless which isn’t conducive to good workouts. Though that said, if you’re thinking of anabolic steroids, then Oxavar is still a far preferable experiment.

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