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Losing weight for the most part means spending ages in the gym sweating and panting, then going home to a plate of salad rather than the huge burger that you feel you deserve. It’s no fun, and so lots of us are reeled in by the promise of ‘fat burners’ – supplements that increase your metabolism so that just by eating them you will increase the amount of fat your body burns at any given point. These are ‘thermogenics’ and they basically work like an amped-up caffeine causing the heart to beat faster and encouraging the body to burn off fat stores for energy.

One such ‘thermogenic’ (as they are technically known) is ‘OxyELITE Pro’, but does it work, is it safe, and importantly what are the side effects? The answers to those questions follow…

How it Works

OxyELITE Pro has several (well six actually) active ingredients. These include caffeine (a natural thermogenic you can get easily in tea and coffee), bacopa monnieri which increases the thyroid hormone T4, bauhinia purpurea which converts T4 to T3 – the more potent thyroid hormone of the two that increases energy and burns fat, rauwolfia which helps to block alpha-2 receptors which otherwise tell the body to store fat when it is in ‘fight or flight mode’, cirsium oligophyllum which helps to prevent fat gains and geranium which increases alertness and is similar to caffeine.

The Good

As thermogenics go, OxyELITE Pro is effective in what it sets out to do. Using it you can expect to burn more calories and at the same time the other good thing about using a thermogenic is that you will feel like you have a lot of energy despite getting fewer calories and this will keep you awake and alert throughout the day. Finally, OxyELITE will help to suppress your appetite and this will be great for the hard part of dieting – stopping eating. The combination of geranium and caffeine will also increase mood and focus.

As ingredients for thermogenics go, OxyELITE Pro ticks all the boxes and is a well thought out ‘stack’ when compared to others, those who use it report really noticing a pronounced difference.

Side Effects

So OxyELITE is a good thermogenic – but are thermogenics a good idea in general? Many would say no. Why? That’s because there are several side effects that go hand in hand with this supplement.

First of all, the stimulant element can be a bad thing and those who aren’t used to large amounts of caffeine or are very sensitive to it might find they get jitters, headaches, nervousness and insomnia (though there is less caffeine in OxyELITE than many other fat burners). At the same time stimulants are addictive and so it’s very important to avoid using them too regularly or you can experience downers and withdrawal symptoms – over time you may consider increasing your dosage which can bring it to dangerous levels. It is also not a good idea for those with heart problems.

Something that might set off alarm bells for guys meanwhile is that in 1% of users erectile dysfunction can be a side effect. This is because it is a ‘vasoconstrictor’ meaning that it shrinks the blood vessels making it harder for blood to get to where it is needed. Along with the increased heart rate which can place strain on the body, vasoconstriction can narrow the blood vessels thereby increasing blood pressure and the combination can make you more likely to suffer heart attack or stroke. This is especially dangerous when coupled with exercise.

Sweating is another side effect of OxyELITE and this can be embarrassing in social situations as well as generally unpleasant. For women these cold sweats can be accompanied by hot flashes.

Being in a constant state of ‘arousal’ is also not good for the body in general. This will cause you to burn fat yes, but it is also akin to being constantly under stress. It can place great strain on your adrenal glands, but also on your energy levels and your immune system and leave you more prone to diseases and tiredness.

Losing weight so rapidly is also not highly recommended. If you lose weight at a faster rate than is natural for your body, then this will cause you to put it back on quickly when you stop using the OxyELITE as eating the same amount now will cause you to pile on more weight – and you won’t have the appetite suppression to help you either. Fluctuating your weight like this then is unhealthy in itself and can again place further strain on the heart.

What to Avoid

If you opt to use OxyELITE despite the possible side effects then it is important to read the label and to use it carefully to avoid side effects. It is important to make sure not to take OxyELITE alongside any other stimulants and that includes pre-workout drinks that a bodybuilder might use. Likewise it is important to avoid mixing with amphetamine-based drugs or antidepressants and you should always speak with your doctor before taking supplements. You should also avoid taking OxyELITE after 5.30pm or you won’t be able to sleep.

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  1. This is an effective supplement, but you fail to mention that it is not a 'magic pill', that is, you can't just take it and expect to lose weight without doing the work or changing your eating habits. The predominate incidents involving damage to one's health occur when people don't bother to look out for their own diet and exercise plans, and just think they can take a bunch of pills and take the easy way out. It isn't a dangerous supplement when taken correctly, and with the right diet, is very effective in added energy, weight loss, and cut of appetite.

  2. I started taking Oxy Elite Pro in June 2011 and not only have I lost weight but I feel amazing. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic back pain and have lived in pain for the last 10 years. Since taking Oxy Elite I noticed I have very little to no pain. I thought one day why do I feel so good and have no pain. I cycle the Oxy Elite and while on my off days I noticed I was in pain again but don't like taking narcotics because they have caused me some liver problems. I again started the Oxy and again no pain. I talked to my doctor and told her about the Oxy Elite and how well I feel when I take them. I am going to continue the Oxy Elite on an on off cycle but would love to find out why I don't hurt while I'm taking them and I only take 1 per day. I am Very Happy with this product.

  3. I am a normally healthy guy, I run average 7 miles a week and the work out 3 on 1 off. Body fat before was 18% and dropped to 11%. I used OxyElite for a month and although I had good results, my wife brought me home from the VA hospital yesterday. Yelp heart attack. My doc said it was the Oxy. I did not experience too much of the other side effects. I work in the field so extra sweating I would not notice. I do not have a problem with dude, thank god. I work with two others who are also on OxyElite and they have had problems. But everyone difference. Just to be on the safe side. Consult your doctor before. My co-workers did, but I did not. Hard head.

  4. I want to know if there is any side effect on liver because after I used it I feel pain in my right liver after 5 days of using this product.

  5. I have been using OxyelitPro the first time about a year ago I noticed that it really worked I was taking 2 pills as instructed but ended up tossing the bottle because I couldn't sleep. The second time around been taking for about a month now but only take 1 capsule lost over 40lbs with regular workouts. I think product works great just start with 1 pill see how you feel. Workout and change your diet a must. P.s. take it in the morning I eat something although it says on empty stomach. Scale of 1-10 I give it a 9 just because you do feel slightly over energized.

  6. I have cycled Oxy Elite for about one year and a half. My first try was instant, great results. I'm a cyclist and it works great for energy. Although on my first try with this product I had liver pain. I stopped taking it for about a month and finished off the bottle. This time I ate a meal in the morning and only took oxy 2 tablets about 3 times a week for workouts. I also take a full protein shake after a workout while on oxy pro. My weight is in check with the help of this product, but I don't depend on it. Thanks for your info…

  7. Why am I not able to train as I could before, I can't last as long?

    I get cramps while running increase heart beat shortness of breath… what are the cramps from… I guess I should start taking 1 only?

  8. As a researcher I can tell the heart attack story in one of the comments here isn't the only one. This product is extremely dangerous and should be banned. It has killed more than one.

  9. It's causing liver failure and death. How about the tried and true method of diet and exercise instead of destroying your liver or worse. Unbelievable.

  10. I don't usually comment on any articles online, however I've tried this product and loved it! I would recommend this to someone starting to get into high intensity workouts and anyone wishing to improve their memory or energy performance (weight loss). People give this a bad reputation due to the side effects (sweating, heart rate increased, bloated, slight gas) however some abuse this product and take it for a longer period of time compared to the regulated time suggested (6 weeks). If you do take this product; it is addictive and does have LONG term side effects. Be careful and only take this for temporary weight loss/increased energy!

  11. To answer your question about the running cramps, it's because a) you didn't eat enough b) you are not used to running as much c) your heart rate was high and needed time to slow down!

    While taking this; you are already losing automatically a calorie deficit, thus you don't need to exercise as high intensity as compared to NOT taking this product.

  12. Wish it stated how to cycle off but article itself is excellent information. Wish I had read and understood it before trying to get off of this drug!

  13. OK I just read the comments here. First it's now off the market altogether but I'm sure it can still be found "somewhere" if anyone wants to take it considering the horrendous side effects. There are TWO different types of Oxy. The first with DMAE and very pricey and probably more dangerous. I took the lesser of the two evils for almost 3-years and, yes, excellent results. The side effects can be tolerated as you only need ONE pill in the a.m. and you MUST drinks lots of water. I also have fibromyalgia and Omega 3 salmon oil helps with that as it will be carpal tunnel, arthritis. Try Omega 3 1,000 mg. and then increase to 2000 after consulting with a good doctor or nutritionist (I say "good" as not all know shit). I found the Oxy gave me much more energy to cycle & weight train; I changed my diet eating all natural foods, less sugar, but still have fats e.g., almonds, walnuts. I think eating natural and doing more cardio, e.g, 4-5 times a week for at least 45 min. (Not going Crazy either) will add to the benefits of losing weight. Diets really don't work but eating natural healthy variety of foods, small meals throughout the day, do help. Now I got to figure out how to cycle off as I did NOT follow directions and again for 3 years straight… now very worried…

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