Can Fat Turn Into Muscle or Muscle Into Fat?

Can muscle turn into fat or fat turn into muscle? How many time have you heard this hilarious fats and muscles myth?

Yes, this is one fats and muscles myth that will never go away. Get this straight. Fat will never turn into muscle and muscle will never turn into fat.

The reason is simple. Your body fats and muscles are made up of completely different cell structure and they are so different that they cannot be converted to each other. Your muscle is very much alive and work very hard whereas fat just sits there doing nothing and just plain looking ugly. How can they be the same or can be converted to each other?

How did this fitness myth come about then? Well, let me offer some suggestions.

When a fat person train with weights, he will build muscles and then for his muscle definition to show, he will have to lose fat. He will do cardio exercises and eat healthily to achieve a healthy fat loss. When that is accomplished, he will revealed a lean muscular body because he has already packed on some muscle mass and have lost a substantial amount of body fat from his lose fats and build muscles program.

So when people see his new found lean muscular body and noticed that his body fat is now gone, some will comment that his fats has turned into muscles. Isn’t that a nonsensical comment? Not just nonsensical, it is downright hilarious.

Now, just say that this same guy has lost his motivation to train for whatever reasons and because he no longer wants to maintain his lean muscular body, he naturally will lay off exercises and start to eat unhealthily. Gradually, he will put on body fat because of his unhealthy diet and the fact that he no longer exercise to burn calories. Then as he put on more fat, the fat begins to cover up his muscles and his muscles are no longer noticeable.

Ahhhh… these same people who do not know the biology of muscle and fat will proclaim that his muscles has turned into body fat. Well, these chaps must be magicians or how else can muscle turn into fat or fat turn into muscle?

Why am I exposing this fat and muscle myth? Because it is funny? Well perhaps that too. But the main reason is that this fat and muscle myth has put alot of people away from exercising to build muscles and continue to indulge in unhealthy eating habits by proclaiming that there is no point building muscles because once they stop, they will get fat. Again, this is rubbish because most of them are fat to begin with anyway. It is just a lazy excuse not to exercise and eat healthily.

So if you have friends who tout this fat and muscle myth to you, send them this article. You may be doing them a great favor when they realised the truth and head for the gym to build some muscles and lose some body fat.

Then what about you? Are now convinced that muscle will never turn into fat and fat into muscle? If not, write to me and tell me why.

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  1. While you are completely correct, the comment 'your fat has turned to muscle' is a perception thing. What was once man boobs is now lean pecs. What used to occupy the lean mass area? Fat. So that area has been converted from fat to muscle. (the above is ignoring the fact that muscle is more dense and would take less space than the fat lost).

  2. I have been told all my life that this myth is infact true and untill this day I have just realised that it is not by the article and other sites telling me the truth. I have always been a chubby child and remain to be overweight to a degree, I have actually infact retained an amount of fat for about half a year so that when I do build up enough money to weight lift, the fat would help me a little to gain a bit of muscle. Now that I know this is incorrect I am quite upset at the fact that this fat has been kept on my body because of this myth, I will now carry on with my diet and continue to remove this weight.

    Thank you!

  3. Your article seems to be factually sound, but your grasp of the English language translates to a painful reading experience. My fat friends are indeed fat, but at least they can write a proper sentence.

  4. I had this conversation with a woman who used to be a body builder (why did she not know muscle and fat are two totally different as the article states DIFFERENT CELL STRUCTURES!!). Whilst I trained from my late 20's to late 40's I never was a body builder, but felt so good after a workout… I soon became quite addicted! I have just started up again & amazed even after a month, my muscle (mainly shoulders and back!) definition is showing… unbelievable… YES I have to work harder and eat sensibly for the horrid middle tummy fat and fat built up on my hips… I know there is MUSCLE underneath all that fat!!

    I had to look this up to confirm my thoughts…. this lady was ADAMANT that she is so big now because she stopped training!!! & her muscles turned to that yellow fat!!! She wants to stop eating all that JUNK food in massive portions!!! Thank you for a precise explanation!

  5. While your treatment of this subject makes sense and in all likelihood is factual, your perspective paints you as an arrogant, pompous ass who has never had to struggle with being overweight or whatever might have led to the condition. Your article is very insensitive and didn't need to be so.

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