Flirting Tips for Lesbians


Flirting is a hell of a lot of fun, and done correctly it can create a great feeling of excitement and sexual tension that can help to really build an attraction for someone. However at the same time it’s also by no means easy, and unless you’re naturally confident it can be rather nerve wracking. Will your signals be misconstrued? Are you being too presumptuous? And what if they aren’t attracted...

Dating a Woman With Children


You believe that you have finally met the woman of your dreams, but just before you make your move towards entering into a steady relationship, you learn that she is in fact a single mother. Part of you wants to run and part of you wants to make it work. So what can you do? The thought of dating a woman with kids can seem intimidating, or you just may not be able to see how it could work at all...

Ways to Make Your Date Feel Comfortable Your First Time Out


When two people are anticipating their first time out together they can build up a lot of internal expectation. This sense of expectation, in turn, can generate nervousness, edginess, scattered thinking and confused emotions. It’s hard not to think about the future. If this date goes smoothly then there will probably be more. If the date is uncomfortable then that could spell the end of any...

4 Dating Warning Signs That You Can’t Ignore


Whether you’ve just started to date a new man or you’ve been seeing your boyfriend for eighteen months, there are some things that you just shouldn’t ignore. Here are 4 of those things: 1. He is self-absorbed You talk on the phone, email and meet for dinner but he never asks about your day. He doesn’t ask about work, your family or your new salsa lessons. He does talk about himself a lot though...

4 Signs You’re a Bad Date


Being a good date is a good way to lead to more dates and a relationship. If you’re a bad date, whether it’s the first date or the fifth, you could be killing your chances for a healthy relationship. This article outlines four signs that you are a bad date. 1. You constantly expect big gestures You can’t expect a bouquet of roses and expensive dinner for every date you go on...

4 Ways to Be Taken More Seriously When Online Dating


Online dating is a legitimate way to meet someone, but you have to go about it in a smart and mature way. Playing games with men online will not lead to a serious and long-term relationship. The following are four surefire ways to be taken more seriously online… Don’t give attention to bad behaviour If you’ve been talking to a man via text for a while and he suddenly starts...

4 Texting Turnoffs


Texting is a popular form of communication, but there are still some rules and etiquette that you need to apply. If you do not follow these simple forms of etiquette, you might find that your relationship goes south very quickly. This article outlines 4 texting turnoffs. 1. Writing novel length texts Texts are meant to be short and sweet. Men and women are very different. While you may be able to...

5 Rules of Modern Dating


Dating has changed since the 1950s, but many people are still confused about the rules of dating. What’s appropriate and what’s not? This article outlines five rules of modern dating that will benefit both genders. 1. Women can pay The days of the man paying for every single date are long gone. Whoever asks for a date should be able and willing to pay for it. If you’re a woman...

Don’t Be a Dating Dummy


Dating can be a fun and exciting time. You get to meet lots of new people and hopefully meet someone that you can spend forever with. If you are looking for that someone special, it’s very important that you don’t waste your time or your date’s time. This article outlines 4 ways that you can avoid being a dating dummy. Don’t be clingy Being clingy is the quickest way to lose a boyfriend or...

Are You Dating the Right Person?


Most people have sat opposite a date with whom they have nothing in common, fiddling with the menu and desperately trying to think of something to say. But if you find yourself on such dates over and over again, then obviously there is something wrong with your choices. The Basic Problem The basic problem is that people are misled by what lies on the surface. Later, when they discover...

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a consultant specializing in the social-personality psychology. His publications include magazine chapters, articles and self-improvement books on CBT for anxiety, stress and depression. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about political and social history.

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